Are Resumes Necessary?

While talking to a colleague, he said something that stuck with me. Honestly, I'm still not sure if I agree with it completely but I thought it was interesting and I'm posting it here as I process it in my mind.

I was talking about getting resumes and reading them. My friend said that he doesn't hire anyone who brings a resume. He feels that the good employees are snapped up without the need for resumes or applications.

So this is how my thinking went on his comments:

At first I was offended because fresh from college I “pounded the pavement” with my resume in search of a job. (That was long before I started my own business, of course!)

Then I thought about what he said and decided that maybe he was right. Great employees don't ever need to create resumes; they do seem to get offered jobs left and right, simply by doing a good job.

Most recently, my thinking is this: in this booming economy, and unless they are fresh out of college, resumes from people may suggest that they may not be suitable to work for you. After all, everywhere I go I find help wanted signs and I know businesses who are struggling to serve customers because they don't have the staff.

I may still change my position but I can't deny that the economy plays a factor in the number of potential job candidates and their quality.

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