Attract Publicity: Get Publicity for Your Business

Grabbing the interest of prospective clients is of utmost importance for any small business. Here are some methods you can use to attract publicity for your business.

Ranging from the Internet to other means of communication like the media, grabbing the interest of prospects is vital for any small business.

Below are some popular and effective methods that you can use in order to get publicity for your business.

The Internet

The internet serves as an ideal publicity platform – whether you want to advertise, find information on a specific topic or search for a suitable career option. The first place a journalist will look for when they’re searching for a story is the Internet. That’s why launching a website for your business is essential, as it will make it easier not only for the media but for your clients as well to find you.

Become an Author

Another method that journalists usually adopt is to search for people who have written books on different subjects. With the help of a little writing skill and the knowledge and expertise that you
have in your field, you can easily write an ebook or article and publish it on the ‘net.

Write To the Editor

Writing a letter to the editor is another good idea of getting into the limelight. Write to them, commenting on an issue that you are satisfied with or vice-versa. This way, if your letter is printed in the editor’s column, it will undoubtedly enhance your business image significantly.

Approach a Journalist

Instead of waiting for a journalist to approach to you, why don’t you make the first move? You can approach any journalist directly. If you like a piece of literature or an article they have written, contact that journalist so that you can let them know how much you admire their work. This way you can build a relationship. Journalism is one profession where the writers hardly get feedback on their efforts, so if you appreciate a journalist for his piece of art, you are going to establish a life-long relationship.

Invite a Media Professional

Asking journalists to accompany you to your public speaking events is another option to attract publicity for your business. This way they can see you in action.

Offer Free Services

Since media personnel are very often offered lots of free products and services, they are not going to be impressed if you do it. However, if they have used your
product or service and are happy with it, the chances of them promoting your business through word of mouth are much more likely.

Therefore, offering your products and services to journalists free of charge is a good idea, if you want cost-effective publicity. This way the individual who has used your product or services satisfactorily is probably going to advocate it as well. However, it is important to bear in mind that there is no guarantee, since this is not a bribe.

Publish a Case Study

If you happen to have a client or a customer who is pleased with your product or service, then why not make their opinions and views about you and your business public to others as well so that everyone can benefit? This will provide a great boost to your business’ profile as well. And all the better, if your local newspaper agrees to publish an article featuring both parties.

Community Service

Have your business do something in the community. Clean a park, have a fundraiser or charity run. Businesses that do things for the greater good are always rewarded with good publicity.

Getting free publicity for your business isn’t difficult – if you know where to look and how to go about it. With just a little effort and legwork, your small business can get free publicity and enhance its profile among customers.

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