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Having a strategy to promote your business is vital to its success, but you need to make sure it fits. Borrowing a strategy from someone else, particularly if the two businesses differ from each other greatly, simply will not work.

As a small business owner, you want a strategy that will lead to making your brand a household name. At the same time, it must be one that you can afford and that is practical to execute.

Here are some useful tools for promoting your small business.

Trade Shows

These are excellent venues for promoting a small business. Potential customers can get live demonstrations and check out your products in detail. Your show booth should have Internet access, and the colors and graphics that you use should be attractive and eye catching.

You could also hand out freebies and offer special discounts for people that purchase or book your products and services at the show.


People love corporate gifts. Even if you have a small business and are on a limited budget, you can always give out freebies like pens, calculators, leather-bound diaries and coffee mugs. Your company name, telephone number and e-mail address should be prominently displayed on anything you give away.

Give out items that people are likely to keep in a prominent place such as on a table, on their refrigerators, or in their pockets.

Awards and Rewards

Even though company awards are usually internal events, it is an important function that can also become a business promotion event. Employees are always happy to know they are appreciated and that their hard work is recognized.

These events are morale-boosters for your employees and they tend to inspire them to achieve personal excellence, which will benefit your small business.

If you’re thinking of hosting a company award program, plan to have a photographer present and send an article to your local newspaper or business journal, turning this in-house event into an effective promotional one. Better still, invite a reporter from a newspaper, journal, or even TV station to come and cover the event.


Advertisements are essential in today’s competitive business environment. Even though companies like Nokia or Sony might be doing well, they still advertise. Just as Internet companies try to come within the top five in any engine search, these companies also want to create an awareness that will lead to more sales.

In the business world, out of sight is truly out of mind. Depending on your budget, you can send flyers, hand out business cards, or advertise through radio, TV and Internet.

Try different methods of marketing until you get maximum response from an advertisement then stick to that form.

Be Innovative

Use new ideas to promote your small business. In addition to a having a booth in a trade fair, you can also have people standing outside to hand out flyers and brochures. You could also place your business cards or flyers on cars in the parking lot. Make a point of handing out promotional pens at the entrance to the trade fair, ensuring that everyone will get your promotional pen – whether or not they visit your booth.

You should also give surprise gifts to your customers to show them that you appreciate their loyalty. You can also give lectures at conferences and workshops to build up your reputation and enhance your business’ name.

So form a strategy, keep a separate budget for your business promotion activities, and follow through. In today’s market, building up your brand name and your company’s name is essential if you want to increase awareness and sales.

Try out these methods – and you will see positive results.

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