7 Effective Ways to Attract Users to Your Mobile Application

It is no longer an advantage but a necessity to have a mobile app for your business. Let’s figure out how to attract users to your mobile app.
attract users to your mobile application

Once a mobile development is nearly finished, a product owner usually gets concerned about ways of acquiring target users from the very release. High competition is what often makes it challenging for you to attract users to your mobile application. That’s why it’s crucial to be visible on the market, reach users quickly through the high accessibility of an app, and don’t neglect vital performance metrics and user feedback.

Unfortunately, most development agencies don’t offer marketing assistance in addition to the development service. Reach out to Diversido — we offer both software development and marketing activities, including lead generation, SEO optimization, paid ads, link building, and other options focused on giving your freshly released app an easy start.

Now, let’s find out more about techniques to get traffic and convert leads into sales.

1. Good Old Marketing

Conventional marketing channels still bring considerable impact when it comes to advertising basically anything in the modern-day environment. Speaking of traditional marketing techniques, these are direct mail, broadcasting, billboards, handouts, print ads, TV ads, and more.

Many businesses neglect these ways of app promotion. The main reason is the low return per dollar spent and difficulty finding a suitable strategy for advertising. It’s particularly true since fewer people watch TV or read newspapers these days. Yet, B2B apps can easily be offered via direct mail, while handouts can be handed over to users of other company products or shared during social events. Traditional marketing still works but requires some creativity.

2. Paid Ads To Attract Users to Your Mobile Application

Digital advertising spending worldwide is estimated to exceed $800 billion in 2025. Since it’s all about business profit, paid advertising seems to be doing its trick. Speaking about digital paid ads, the methods used include Google Ads, PPC campaigns, social media ads, and targeting, among others.

The vast majority of web platforms and apps are monetized through the integration of means of Paid User Acquisition. There’s always a way to acquire more new app users through various channels depending on the needs, budgets, and goals to achieve.

Usually, relying on organic traffic alone is ineffective and won’t bring you desired results in a short period of time. That’s why you should concentrate on both to drive maximum profit.

3. Influencers

Opinion leaders can promote the company’s apps to their followers. This method brings incredibly good results, especially if an influencer is chosen wisely. You should research how active the audience is and what percentage of it may potentially be interested in the software solutions you offer. The influencer must be relevant to your niche/product, so the followers will be genuinely interested in your brand.

It’s a good idea to reach out to hand-picked influencers personally and discuss partnerships. Alternatively, you can register on platforms with databases of influencers offering their promotion services. Aim at long-term partnerships — active, regular promotion has better chances of bringing tangible results.

4. App Store Optimization

ASO is a solid method of increasing the likelihood of the app appearing in search results. This way, it can easily be found by its potential users and is a great way to attract users to your mobile application.

ASO includes using appropriate tags, indicating the most suitable categories, and adding an engaging, well-thought-out description. An appealing app logo and name can work wonders for the popularity of the software.

5. Word-of-Mouth and Referrals

If it’s not your first digital product, you probably already have a database of contacts. They may potentially be interested in your newly created app, so don’t hesitate to contact them directly and offer your solution or promote them via their marketing channels. Let them share feedback or news about your product, provide their followers with the download link, etc.

You may also want to partner with other startups or offline businesses, the clients of which may need your digital solutions. Create a referral program and offer rewards for every user invited to download your app. Placing a QR code and app descriptions at the reception area may already bring a couple of new customers per day, attracting more and more users to your mobile application.

6. Power of Social Media

It’s estimated that more than 4 billion people worldwide use social media. Social media posting can potentially reach out to nearly any of your target users if approached properly. And the best thing about social media is that posting content doesn’t come with charges.

In fact, social media presence is obligatory for probably any business and digital product. You may easily find the history and the business behind it by having social media accounts on major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

7. Promotion Through Website

Having a brand website and separate page devoted solely to your newly created mobile app is another solid method to acquire user appreciation, trust, and popularity. You may add a banner promoting your new product to your corporate page and instantly ensure the flow of potentially interested users.

If you create a separate website for the app, don’t make it way too complex. After all, its main goal is to lead users to the marketplace where they can give your product a try. Descriptions, instructions, and contact information for feedback gathering are the core functionalities needed.

Key Takeaways

Let’s summarize everything in several key points:

  • Every new mobile application requires a marketing boost to perform well and withstand the competition.
  • Means of paid ads or influencer marketing may bring solid results per dollar spent.
  • Social media and website promotion cost much less but add to your brand image and help attract users’ attention.
  • Don’t neglect referral programs.
  • Always take the most out of app store optimization.

If you are unsure about how to approach the listed techniques, consider contacting a dev studio that offers marketing services.

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