The Benefits of Adding a Handwritten Digital Signature to Business Emails

Adding handwritten digital signatures to your emails can increase your brand value, boost your sales, and more. Take a look.
handwritten email signature

Have you ever thought about adding your signature to your business emails? We are not talking about just typing your name. We are talking about adding your handwritten signature in a digital form. You can use a signature generator tool to transform your handwritten signature into a digital format and add it to your emails and any other online business correspondence.

Adding handwritten digital signatures to your emails has several business benefits that you may be unaware of. It can increase your brand value, boost your sales, and do several other great things for your business. Still not convinced? Let’s dive into it.

Make Your Emails Look Classy and Professional

A handwritten signature adds a certain class to your business emails and makes them stand out of the other correspondence that your clients receive. When you add your handwritten signature to an email, it becomes an equivalent of your business card and looks professional. Make sure your signature gets accompanied by the following:

  • Your name and position in the company
  • The brand name and logo
  • Your company’s contact information
  • A legal disclaimer

Make sure that the signature maker tool that you use produces a pleasant signature. A messy one can work adversely for your brand. A handwritten email signature will add a personal touch to your correspondence. It will make your customer feel that you have taken an effort to personalize the communication. It will make the customer feel valued and increase your brand loyalty. You can also customize your closing to a personalized message that differs from the usual “best regards”. 

Increase Brand Awareness

You may not realize it, but you are the face of your brand too. Customers will trust a brand based on the people who build it. Introducing yourself as the business owner or a chief executive of a business can gain a lot of trust from your customers and increase your brand’s awareness. Incorporating your handwritten digital signature on your emails will make you and your brand more recognizable to your existing and prospective clients. 

Add Social Value to Your Emails

A handwritten signature allows you to add social value to your email. When most communication in the digital world is impersonal, a handwritten signature can make a lot of difference. It also allows you to highlight other social aspects related to your company. You can add a testimonial from a happy customer with your signature on it. Or you can place the links to your social media pages with it. A handwritten signature will encourage people to visit those pages because people always want to find out more about business owners or other important individuals on social media. 

Promote Your Products and Services

It will allow you to promote the products and services that your company offers in a personalized manner. People get hundreds of promotional emails every day. However, when they see a handwritten signature on an email, it will intrigue them to check out what you have to offer. If they like your products or services, they are likely to forward your email to others in their contact list. You can also add links to offers and promotions to make it lucrative. These are some examples of promotions that you can include in your email with your handwritten signature on:

  • Offers of products and services
  • Promotional deals
  • Invitations to expos or webinars
  • Infographics, articles, or case studies
  • Surveys and newsletters

Increase Website Traffic

You can use personalized emails with handwritten signatures to drive traffic to your online business presence. Whenever you send an email, make sure that you include the business URL with it. Handwritten signatures can urge people to click on the link because most celebrities and high-end designers use it. Instead of repeating your homepage URL, you can experiment with different pages and check which one works the best. Blogs are particularly effective because they present topics that customers might feel interested in reading.

Increase Response

A handwritten signature can add significant credibility to a brand, which increases the response rate. Surveys have shown that emails with handwritten signatures tend to generate more trust, and thus more response. The response can also be in the form of a using your offer, a visit to your website or social media page.

So as you can see, handwritten digital signatures can not only add class and personality to your emails, but it can also work for your brand in several ways. It is a cost-effective marketing technique that is severely underutilized. So take advantage of it and use handwritten signatures on all your online business correspondence.

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