8 Best Email List Management Tips You Cannot Miss

These 8 best email list management tips can help your business generate high ROI (industry average: 42x) with email marketing.
best email list management tips

Statistics confirm that email outperforms all other forms of online marketing in terms of ROI. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $42 in ROI, which shows how big a game-changer email lists can be for your business. These 8 best email list management tips can help your business generate high ROI with business email marketing.

Getting your business on the right track has never been an easy go.

Running a digital marketing strategy without the desired outcomes can be heartbreaking. There can be many factors behind this but one of the crucial reasons can be improper or having no email lists.

So enough talking, let’s first get to know what email lists are.

What Is An Email list?

These are no ordinary but money-making lists. Email lists consist of all the subscribers that have subscribed to your business by liking the services that you provide.

A healthy email list consists of:

  • Proper categorization of subscribers based on their need
  • Subscribers gained organically
  • Quick and easy extraction from the list
  • Manipulating lists with ease
  • No redundant subscribers

Just having an email list does not get you the job done, proper list management does.

Let’s dive in straight away and have a look at some of the tips on managing email lists.

Tips to manage your email lists efficiently

1. Set the first move right

As it is said that the first impression is the last impression, the same implies in getting subscribers and having a healthy relationship with them for the future.

Studies show that the average rate of opening a welcome email by masses is around 82% and this makes it quite an important factor to be considered. An email developer should draft a welcome email that is both informative and appealing to the subscribers. They can look up for ideas from many free email templates available on the web.

The very first email must contain the following things:-

  • Sending a warm welcome email thanking the subscribes
  • Getting to know what the subscribers prefer
  • Giving a brief about your offering
  • Adding a freebie

2. Segmentation is a must

It makes no sense in sending the same email to everyone having different needs and preferences. Rather sending a customized email makes more sense and provides the customer with more information on the services he needs.

Segmentation can be improved by separating the subscribers based on:-

  • Needs and preferences of the user
  • The loyalty of the subscriber
  • Paying or not a paying subscriber yet

3. Let the subscribers choose the email frequency

The biggest turn-off for subscribers is getting spammed. So, why don’t we let the subscribers choose the frequency of the emails?

It’s quite an important aspect as research shows that about 51% of users unsubscribe because emails come too often and they feel like getting spammed by the brands. This can be solved by including a link to the preference center so that the subscribers can adjust the email frequency.

4. Obtain explicit permissions

It is quite often said that email marketing is permission-based marketing, which means that getting the right permissions from the subscribers is very essential. Obtaining permission can be done in two ways.

Single opt-in and double opt-ins, both have their pros and cons. But choosing the right ones is always fruitful and that is the double opt-in method.

In single opt-ins, only the email address is taken to be added to the list. In double opt-in, the brands send out an email that asks the subscribers to verify the email. By doing so, you can be sure that the subscribers want to hear from you.

5. Remove redundancy

What is the fun of having 1000 subscribers when only 10 of your subscribers are the ones that are taking the services that you provide?

Removing the disengaged subscribers can help you build a healthy list. It can save you money and time as well. Sending an email costs your pocket. We know that bidding goodbye to subscribers can be painful, but that’s for the greater good.

6. Make one last try on getting your subscribers back

There is nothing wrong in giving one last try before removing the subscribers for your list.

Re-engagement emails should be sent only to those subscribers that have been inactive for quite a long time. The email must contain a brief on how important subscribers are to you and let them know you never want to lose them.

The subscribers can be lured by giving a freebie too.

7. Never buy email lists

The worst someone can do to improve their business is buying email lists. It is a total scam; never fall for it. As the list does not contain your preferred audiences and hence the list is useless for your business.

What’s the fun of having a list in which there are no loyal subscribers and the list is not built naturally for your needs.

8. Track results

After practicing all the above points efficiently it is important to take a look at the results. Tracking results help us in getting an idea of things we did great and the ones that did not.

Tracking results should be done often as it helps us in knowing what can be done to improve future results. It also lets you answer many questions that can help in improving the overall ROI.

Wrapping it up

When it comes to email list management, you need to bear in mind that your list has to be sharpened with the best strategies and some of them have been defined here, so make the best use of them and drive the desired outcomes for your business.


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