Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Keyboard

I met a freelance writer friend of mine recently for coffee. His work is brisk — very brisk — and he had started to complain about his wrists hurting. Tendonitis is bad news in his line of work and he was really concerned that if he continued writing, he'd be headed for trouble. To ward off the pain he was going to go shopping for an ergonomic keyboard.

Fast forward a couple weeks later. I gave him a call and asked him if he had found one. He had, in fact, found one that very same day. He took it home and plugged it in and has not experienced pain since. What's more, he says, his typing speed has increased… allowing him to pay for the extra expense of his keyboard in a single afternoon of extra work!

If you do a lot of writing in your business, consider getting an ergonomic keyboard. They don't take long to get used to, they'll keep you from ruining your wrists, and your productivity may just increase. That's a health and wealth recipe I like!

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