24 Hour MBA by Alexander Hiam

In blogging my book reviews, I try to give a cross section of topics by a cross section of authors. This is my second book by Alexander Hiam… which is completely unintentional.

I was looking for a book that covered higher level business practices and picked up a few books with the acronym “MBA” in the title. What I like about this book is not so much its 24-hour format — that you can get through one lesson in one day — but rather its division into 5 critical segments of business and how it combines easy-to-read information with intelligent content (I often find it's one or the other in many books).

The book covers topics like business communication, leadership, employee motivation, organization, and financial management. As well, there are a few short bonus lessons on innovation, sexual harassment, and business etiquette. The content can be easily plugged into your business.

The only areas I felt it really lacked in were marketing and e-commerce, and I thought there was a greater emphasis on application for managers rather than entrepreneurs. Still, it was a great book with a lot of value for the small business owner.