Best Business Insurance Brokers in 2020

Do you need business insurance? Business insurance brokers can handle all sorts of small business insurance needs. Start by looking at these.
business insurance brokers

Can you imagine losing everything in one night?

After hurricane Sandy, Madelaine Chocolate Company in New York lost 3 giant buildings worth of chocolate. The company was able to receive over $40 million from their insurance policy, but then the judge sent the case to trial due to an ambiguity in the case.

Storms, fires, lawsuits, and more, the business world is full of risks. If you want to rise to the top and stay there, you need a rock-solid insurance plan. Finding the best plan starts by talking to the right business insurance brokers.

Read on to learn about 3 amazing small business insurance companies.

State Farm for Convenience

If you want business insurance brokers who put the customer first, go with State Farm. One of the best parts about choosing State Farm is that you’ll have access to a nationwide network of licensed agents.

You can also enjoy convenient liability policies that come in increments of $1 million. Along with your general liability policy, look into getting special coverages that pertain to your business.

For instance, do you work from a home office? If yes, you should look into State Farm’s endorsements for in-home companies.

Nationwide Is a One-Stop-Shop

Nationwide deals with a large variety of commercial insurance lines. Whether you have a large booming business or a small startup, they’re likely to have the coverage you need.

Check out Nationwide’s general liability, workers’ compensation, and commercial auto insurance coverages. You’ll also need to look into their property insurance policies if your company has a location it runs out of.

When you combine insurance policies, you’ll be streamlining your insurance needs. Instead of calling multiple places to check your coverages, you’ll have 1 company handling everything. Another advantage of combining policies is that Nationwide offers different discounts for bundling.

Finally, Nationwide has an in-house Loss Control Services team. The team can perform risk assessments for your workplace.

After assessing your company, they’ll determine what coverages you need. Next on our guide to finding the best business insurance, we’ll look at property coverages.

Travelers Specialize in Property Insurance

The best commercial insurance companies are the ones with extensive experience, like Travelers. Travelers are the top commercial property writer in the entire United States.

Their expertise and resources can help you protect your company with tailor-made policies. Specializing in complex risks and high-value properties, Travelers writes all sorts of policies. Policies like customized property coverages that offer alternatives to complex coverage needs.

Is your domestic company operating in an international capacity? If yes, you’ll want to check out Travelers’ global property coverage. Finally, Traveler’s insurance agents are happy to help write policies for specialized markets.

Start Calling Business Insurance Brokers

Now you know about 3 business insurance brokers whose reputation precedes them. We hope our article will inspire you to call all 3 brokers today to start getting quotes.

Before you know it you’ll be signing up for an insurance policy that will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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