Best Tools to Keep Your Smartphone Functional

Mobile phones aren't just for fun. You can practically run your business from it anywhere. Here are the best tools to keep your smartphone functional.

Initially, a mobile phone was a device used for easy communication whether you are at the home, office, or on the move. But now, it has multiple roles in our lives. Here are a handful of the best tools to keep your smartphone functional.

Smartphones and their functionality

Your smartphone has become so powerful that you can almost run your business from your phone alone. At the very least, you can use it to accomplish many tasks using business apps while you’re not in the office. These few roles are enough to illustrate the importance of keeping the smartphone functional and up to date. The young generation is more attached to this as its education, shopping, selling, and many other functions are performed through these multipurpose gadgets. 

What affects its functionality?

It is often quoted as “to err is human” to admit the fact that human working has always the chance of mistakes. Our negligence, lack of experience, defective knowledge, and haste become the cause of disorder in our gadgets. This device is too sensitive as a single click causes immeasurable loss of our data, information, and our access to different accounts. Sometimes, we forget the password and phone unlock becomes trouble for us particularly when we have no backup. The developers facilitate compensation for the loss by providing us with certain tools which solve most of the problems related to this necessity of life.  

Tools to ensure the functionality

Many issues become a hurdle in the proper functionality of the phone. Screen display issues, loss of data, frequent On/Off, stuck phone, update failure, and other issues are common for the users of mobile phones. Following is a brief description of recovery/maintenance tools that helps understand the facility provided through these applications.  These are the best tools to keep your smartphone functional.

  • Dr.Fone: Data recovery is the most commonly faced issue for individuals as well as organizations. It helps business organizations to recover, restore, erase, and transfer data easily. 
    This tool also provides effective support for screen recording issues, screen lock problems, and deleted data recovery from SD cards. This app can easily be used to solve the issues by connecting it to a PC, installation of Dr.Fone is needed for the purpose. On a successful connection, you can perform the required task to maintain the smooth performance of your gadget. Activation is possible without iCloud backup through this smart tool.


  • ApowerUnlock: This unlock tool provides easy access to blocked and locked devices that need proper passwords, passcodes, and other matters of authentication. iOS, iPhone, and iPad gadgets can be unlocked using finger touch or a face unlocking system provided by this tool. It further helps in removing authentication from any device. There is no need to have iCloud backup when ApowerUnlock is helping to make the gadgets functional. 


  • PhoneRescue: Data recovery from iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple iPhone is convenient through powerful data restoration applications.  Restoration of multiple files from other apps to calendars, contacts, photo galleries, and messages is easy through this efficient data recovery tool. The originality of the recovered file format, four different restoration modes, and working without connecting to any other device are some of the outstanding features that make it an exceptional solution. 


  • ApowerRescue: This tool stands as the first choice when it comes to recovery of data in the form of images, music, messages and notes. It also enables the users to have a successful duplication of data from iCloud and iTunes backups. This user-friendly simple interface helps to recover more than ten file formats. 

Benefits of using data recovery and repair tools

The apps that made it to our list of the best tools to keep your smartphone functional have several advantages like:

  • Safety and security: The use of these tools gives a sense of safety and security as in case of any mishap the data can be recovered easily. The users can also erase data when it becomes necessary for better performance while the same data can be restored for further usage. 
  • Easy and effective: Easy and effective management of data is possible through these data restoration tools. People don’t need to have the tension of the backup system. 
  • Valid duplication: The replication of data is as effective as the original data because the original format of data is not changed through these applications. In this way, original and the same data can be recovered.
  • Repair and maintenance: The devices slow over time with the heavy burden of data and frequent functionality. These tools help to maintain the performance through an expert and dexterous repair system. 
  • Cost-effective: These tools are cost-effective as the users do not need to visit the experts for the recovery and maintenance of their gadgets. 


As you explore the best tools to keep your smartphone functional, data recovery and device repairing are essential. The performance of the gadgets is affected over time and they need frequent serving for lasting smooth functionality. The above-mentioned tools ensure the restoration of deleted data and economical repair without spending heavy charges on repairing experts.

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