Best Ways to Develop Your Social Media Strategy

There is no single great social media strategy. Follow these steps and build your own great strategy that supports a vision, which is yours and yours only!
social media strategy

There is no single great social media strategy. The best ones are tailor-made for particular businesses, goals, and audiences. But they all are following a uniform pattern, which is described below. Follow these steps and build your own great strategy that supports a vision, which is yours and yours only!

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What are your goals?

The strategy can’t be created without understanding clearly what you need it for. There are no right or wrong goals: be it more money, more fame, likes, and followers, or getting noticed by a big company. You just need to define your end point, a realistic one that is possible to achieve. Doing this allows you to scale your efforts, plan them, and set lesser subgoals that will be your milestones on your way to victory.

The possible goals may be: to increase your brand awareness, e.g., make more people know and recognize you and what you do; generate leads and sales by gathering the information about contacts and preferences of your audience; grow the said audience by bringing new people and drawing their attention to what you do; increase the engagement by raising the level of communication and so on.

Who are you aiming to?

To be heard, your message must fall into the particular ears and appear on particular screens. Luckily, today, with all the demographics analysis instruments, it is extremely easy to adjust your campaign to almost any audience. The hardest part is to understand who your audience is.

There are two ways to learn this fact. The first one is creating your imaginary perfect customer. Try to understand who might be the most interested in your product and brand. What is their gender, age, level of income, what are their interests? Don’t hesitate to give this person a name and brief history: it will fuel your imagination and also help you develop the image further. But don’t get too attached to it: you will adjust that image later, after the first real results. You may be surprised by how drastically the real portrait may differ from the image you initially created. The second way is more foolproof but also more costly. You may start a broad campaign, showing your brand to each and every person, and then analyze who gets more interested.

Where are you going to promote yourself?

After shaping your target audience, it’d be great to find out where you can connect with it. There are some correlations between social media platforms and people who use them the most. For example, Facebook and YouTube have the broadest audiences with higher income, but Instagram provides much more brand engagement. The majority of Instagram users are Gen Z or millennials who love vivid and highly personalized content. Also, you can consider paid ways of promoting, just review and find suitable service on Pinterest is mostly a female territory; LinkedIn is a place of well-educated, mostly IT-related people, and so on.

What are your competitors’ strategies?

Sometimes it’s useful to have a look at what has been done already before you start. Your competitors’ businesses are the source of valuable insights about the target audience, marketing strategies, and major mistakes you may avoid.

You don’t have to copy their strategies to boot, or even borrow their ideas. The main point is to determine their strong and weak sides and adjust the achieved knowledge to your own already existed strategy. The same industry can have drastically different strategies, and their range is almost always wider than you might think. Choose the approach that fits your personality and your goal.

What is the most awesome content for your brand?

All the research is worth nothing without the proper content based on it. The previous question should give you an idea and direction of your content strategy. Try to develop several themes and follow them while making new posts. People love consistency, and they’d appreciate seeing Monday news, Wednesday showcases, or Friday memes and will wait to see the new ones.

Creating a content plan and generating new content on a daily basis may be a tricky task, but that’s what will skyrocket your social media image. Always use visuals, don’t post bare text – people are much more prone to engage with some photos or videos. Shift between different topics and try to cover all the needs of your audience, writing about serious and light-hearted themes, caring for readers and viewers, and so on.

That’s how you go from the very concept of your social media strategy to bringing it to life. The steps look simple, but they are not easy to take. However, with enough determination, vision, and consistency, you will build an awesome strategy and walk all the way towards your shiny goal. Good luck!

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