Why You Should Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open for Your Brand on Social Media

Developing a flourishing business takes a lot of time and effort, meticulous preparations, persistence, and even social media monitoring.
social media monitoring

The mind boggles when you try to contemplate how vast the social media space has become. In the present day, almost every person on this planet is continuously interacting and expressing their opinions on social media. A lot of these conversations are about businesses around them. They might have purchased a product or service from these businesses or heard about them from someone. Most times any mention of a brand on social media has some amount of emotions behind them, be it good or bad. 

Developing a flourishing business takes a lot of time and effort. It takes meticulous preparations, persistence, and most importantly control and monitoring. Regularly monitoring social media for brand reputation and customer sentiment might not be your priority at this point, but it should be. Maybe after reading this article, you will give considerable importance to monitoring your brand on social media. 

Social Media Monitoring for Brand Reputation

Even though the term says social media, it goes way beyond social media platforms. Whether your business has an online presence or not, people would be talking about your business on social media, blogs, websites, review sites, and any other page online that they use to express their views and opinions.

This might not be news to you since almost every business has a presence online these days. Your business may be connected with review sites and you check these sites regularly to see what your customers have to say about their experience with your brand. But you might not have thought about extending your search beyond that. So if you want to know what people are saying about your brand anywhere on the internet, you might be interested to learn more about social media brand monitoring. 

Advantages of Social Media Brand Monitoring

Better Customer Care

Since the development of online space, competition has become steeper. Many shoppers consider customer service as one of the parameters for shopping decisions. Most people think that customer service is limited to promptly managing consumer complaints. But in today’s business environment it is much more than that. 

Owing to the internet and technology, these days customers can interact with the brands directly whenever they want. Be it hashtagging a brand of social media, posting a review on a review site, chatting live, or sending a direct message, customers demand to be addressed ASAP. Social media monitoring ensures that you do not miss out on any such request or feedback from a customer, and address it within a rational time frame. If you are not following every avenue that your customers can use to reach out to you, you might be putting your brand’s reputation at the risk of getting tarnished.

Spy on Your Customers

Have you ever had the fantasy of placing a bug on every customer of yours, so that you can hear everything they have to say about their experience with your brand? You can achieve exactly that with social media monitoring without breaking any privacy laws because your customers will never tell you everything through reviews or feedback. 

Monitoring your brand on social media can get you all those opinions that mention your brand but are not directed towards you. It will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses while exploring the opportunities and underlying threats. It can provide you with priceless insight regarding what your customers have to say about your products and services.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Social media monitoring can not only be useful to respond to customers promptly or learn about the unspoken truth about your brand, but it is also an excellent way to keep an ear out for the bad news. Once your brand starts gaining popularity, there will inevitably be some bad press circulating the internet.

Negative feedback can quickly start to burn a hole in your brand’s reputation, so they need to be extinguished promptly. Unless you have the means to identify any such bad press circulating the internet, it might come to your notice only when it is too late. Regularly monitoring social media can help you limit these sparks before they turn into a wildfire.

Spy on Your Competitors

You can monitor social media not only to spy on your customers but also on your competitors. You can use the tools at your disposal to check out the ways your competition is communicating with their customers. You can also find out what their consumers are unhappy about, and use that to your brand’s advantage. 

Monitoring social media cannot be achieved individually. You need a team of professionals to comb through the most common social media platforms frequently using specialized brand monitoring tools and then analyze the collected data. Irrespective of the size of the business, these tools can prove helpful in monitoring your brand and assist you in achieving the bigger goal of getting better brand recognition.

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