Build Your Internet Identity

What do you need to differentiate your business from the online crowd?  You need to build an Internet identity.  What do you need next?  Take a look below!

First and foremost you need a website. This will allow you to present and describe the sales/business opportunity in your own words and pre sell the product before sending your visitors to the sales page.

You also need an auto responder opt-in box. Most visitors will not make a purchase on the first attempt. So, capture their details with an auto responder opt in box and follow up with emails. Follow-up emails reinforce your brand name and non-aggressive persistence wins sales.

You definitely need a photograph and signature. Scan a well groomed, smiling photo of yourself (in business attire!) and a penned signature. These add a personal touch. If your readers establish a personal connection with you, they will be more willing to make a purchase based on your recommendation. Audio is also recommended. If you have a good speaking voice, combine this with your photograph and signature to humanize the site and establish rapport with your audience. For this, all you need are recording software and a microphone.

A blog, as an add-on to your main website or as a free alternative until you are generating profits, can combine the aspects of name branding. Update your blog with content specific to you. A Domain name is also useful. You can register one and add a link to your blog.

The Internet is the best media for making sales with a minimum of effort.  Don't miss out! 

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