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5 Brand Building Tips That Work

Are you a newbie entrepreneur who has started your own business? Or are you a veteran who is trying to overcome your revenue plateau? Regardless of your time in the industry, building a brand is a constant and evolutionary process that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Building a brand is a process that gives your business a face to your customers and the general public. You might think of branding as your reputation. Branding includes your business name, logos, and taglines that help identify your business. It also is the connection between your customers and your business. That is why building a brand that is reputable and solid will help your business grow and prosper.

Here are 5 brand building tips that you can use to building a brand that is recognizable and memorable.

  1. Business Identity

    What is your business identity? What do customers think of when your business name is mentioned? Your business identity is one of the most important elements of your brand building strategy.

    Start with your business name. Your name should deliver your business purpose. Do your customers and potential customers know what business you are in? Stick with a name that clearly explains what you do and identifies your business to your customers.

    Do you have a logo? Is it simple? Clear? Practical? And most of all, is it appropriate? Don’t let your company logo overshadow your business. It should be a simple icon that complements your business purpose and helps customers recognize your business identity.

  2. Tell A Story

    If you want customers to identify with your business, have a compelling and interesting story to tell. A brand building strategy that incorporates an interesting story will connect more easily with potential customers. Did you overcome great adversity to succeed in your small business? Does your story capture the imagination? Tell your story. It is part of your brand.

  3. What Do Your Customers Say?

    Another important part of a solid brand building strategy is letting your customers tell their story. How have customers benefited from your business? Solicit and use testimonials as part of building a brand. Potential customers can more easily identify with a third party that promotes your business.

  4. Get Your Business In the Public Eye

    If you want people to recognize your business brand, you must get it out there for potential customers to see. A sound brand building strategy includes a marketing and advertising strategy that helps people more easily identify your business. Strategies may include sponsoring amateur sports or other events, consistently putting ads in your city’s Sunday or weekly paper, or even having a regular TV commercial spot.

  5. Deliver on the Promise

    If you want your brand building strategy to succeed, you must deliver on your promises. Nothing harms a brand more than a business who touts the best service or product, but then falls short of what customers expect. Make sure you design your business offering to try and exceed expectations.

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