Building a Strong Customer Service Team

By definition, customer service includes a lot of interaction with your business' customers. The mood of the person providing customer service for your company directly affects the service that customers receive. Building a strong customer service team can be tough – and the leader of the team should be able to provide support to staff members, develop individual skills and prepare team members to handle difficult situations. Here are a few tips on building a strong customer service team.


When interviewing candidates keep in mind the skills, strengths and personalities that are required for a customer service position. Select only those candidates that have a patient, calm demeanor and that can think on their feet. After they are hired, let the new employees mingle with the other team members – this way, they get an idea about your business' culture and way of working.


Develop the team as a whole by taking individual strengths and weaknesses into consideration. Train individual team members in their weaker areas. Give them work related to their skills.


Set weekly or monthly team objectives. Allow team members to use their skills to maximize their capabilities and achieve the objectives. Team members should set individual goals and work towards achieving these goals, which will lead to the overall success of the team. Collect individual reports at the end of the month and work towards the goals for the next month

Problem Solving

Solve any problems as soon as they arise in order to avoid later complications. You should support the team in difficult situations – take risks by allowing the members to explore their skills and learn to manage situations and their consequences on their own.

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. By following the tips above, you can build a team that will exceed your customers' expectations and boost your business' reputation for excellence.

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