How to Build Confidence in Sales – 5 Things Anyone Can Do

Confidence is a mindset. Here are 5 tips to building confidence in sales to become more successful in your small business or accelerate your sales career.
build confidence

Confidence is a mindset. Here are 5 straight-forward tips to building confidence in sales and become more successful as you start a small business or accelerate your sales career.

1. Building confidence in sales starts with your posture

You’d be amazed at how much more confident you feel just by adjusting how you stand and sit. Being upright, no slouching, increases air flow to your brain and makes you more alert and able to react to situations better. Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on power posing describes precise positions to help you build confidence in sales simply by standing and sitting in certain ways.

2. Read about trends related to your line of work

The more you know about your industry, the more you can participate in conversations with intelligent commentary. You can share thoughts discussed in recent news coverage. As you learn, take a moment to think about what you’re reading so you can form an opinion and discuss pros/cons.

3. Write (about anything)

You know more than you think. Share your knowledge. It can be as simple as a one paragraph tip, a multi-step “how to” guide, the use cases that highlight the benefits of the product/service you are selling, or an analysis on the latest industry trend you read about. Writing regularly forces you to articulate your thoughts. This, in turn, enables you raise the game in your sales dialogs with others, which increases your confidence in your abilities. Start a blog – this is great for all businesses as well as career-track sales professionals! You can then share your content via email and as part of a social media marketing plan.

4. Dress the part to build confidence instantly

Think about how you feel when you dress up a notch. It’s usually a step better than how you might feel day to day. So, update your wardrobe to create that feeling inside you every day. You’ll build confidence for sales calls from the moment you put your clothes on in the morning.

5. Be early

Early is on time. If you show up right on time, you’re actually late. By forcing yourself to stick with the schedule, you’re telling your mind that you’re not going to allow outside forces (i.e., other people being late – and then other people’s self-limiting behavior) to dictate how you want your life to be.

Building confidence in sales is a mindset. When you take these 5 simple steps, which anyone can do, you’ll start to feel more empowered and capable. This new mindset will help you reach the stars.

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