How to Compose a Successful Blog Post

These elements are essential to compose a successful blog post. Include them in your articles to increase your readership.
successful blog post

A successful blog post can help you communicate with potential customers. It’s essential to be aware of how to compose articles for the blog properly, when it is better to publish them, and how to respond to the comments in order to make such communication beneficial for both parties. Knowing how to properly work with the blog, it will be possible for you to create powerful content and make a profit from it.

Composing Your Blog Post Properly

So what should you take into account when starting a blog post?

A Draft of the Article

If know what you want to write about, then it is worth highlighting the key aspects and points you would like to consider and write down a few thoughts as an outline. You can also order an article on Edubirdie, an urgent essay writing service, by sending them your draft, and then post it in your blog. From your outline, you will know what you want to convey, which makes it easier to write.


After taking the first step of creating your outline, you need to select the keywords for your article. It’s necessary to select a few keywords which get the most traffic from searches. Look for the popular, effective words which will help you make your text more readable. You may create a semantic kernel of your website by means of special services and programs. After selecting keywords, try to integrate them naturally into your text to make it easier for the search engines to find your article.

What to Put In Your Blog Post

A perfect article includes the following essential elements.


It has to be creative, eye-catching and, at the same time, accurate. Try to write no more than 10 words in a headline.

Social media buttons

It’s essential for readers to have an opportunity to share an interesting post with their friends. Don’t delay adding some share buttons for your blog. It is suggested to put them right after the title, not at the bottom of the page.

Photos and videos

You may upload an image at the beginning of your article (in the right/left corner or in the middle). It’s better to upload unique pics, however, it’s not always possible to do that. You can find some images on free stock photo websites. Also, try to add a few diagrams, screenshots, illustrations, etc. Upload a video which will add  more value to your text, it will make your blog post even more effective and eye-catching.

First sentences

Composing the first paragraph of your article, try to connect with the readers, as well as hit them with some type of emotion. It is suggested to include one of the keywords in the first few sentences. You may also start your article with a question for kindling readers’ interest.


Here, you need to present the main idea of your article, adding the keywords. There is no specified scope; you may write as many words as you want, the most essential thing is to cover the topic fully. In this regard, follow the next structure: 1) an introduction, 2) body paragraphs, 3) a conclusion. It will be easier for you to compose a successful article following this structure.


Adding a list to your article, you make it more convenient to read, as well as emphasize the most essential aspects of your text. For example, you can:

  • write the pros of a service when reviewing something
  • draw a small conclusion summarizing the aspects discussed in the article
  • list several solutions of one problem


You may end your article with a good quote or a fact that will call the reader to action. Ask your readers a question – it is a perfect way for getting a lot of comments and responses.

Links to similar articles

You may share a few articles on the same topic the readers may be interested in, however, you can also give links to the most popular and relevant posts.

A great number of bloggers wonder whether they should compose posts on they own or hire a person who will do that for them. The answer is clear – you have to learn to write texts by yourself at first, in order to understand if the author you hire does everything properly. It is not that simple to learn how to compose blog posts which will remain in readers’ memory, however, everything is possible with the right approach and required knowledge.


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