Savvy Strategies for Lowering Business Debt

Without proper management, business debt can spiral out of control. Here are several strategies to save money so you can reduce your business debt.
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Business debt can be an important part of having enough financial liquidity to keep your company operating. However, business debt can quickly spiral out of control. Here are some of the warning signs that you may be losing control:

  • Not having cash on hand or funds readily available to cover unexpected costs
  • Running out of cash and relying on lines of credit or credit cards frequently
  • Making late payments on invoices, credit accounts and utility bills
  • Spending a percentage of your profits on late fees, overdraft fees, and high interest payments
  • Inability to invest in the business or save for volatility in sales

If you experience two or more of the above circumstances on a regular basis, then it is possible that your small business debt is growing out of control. You might need to consolidate debt and looking at other ways to cut costs and get your business debt under control. More so, and this is something you need to plan for, your unpaid debt could haunt your loved ones if you pass away before settling your debts.

How Can You Consolidate Business Debt?

The easiest way to consolidate debt is to restructure some of “liabilities” that your business has. A liability means any dollar amount that you owe to another individual or business. Restructuring liabilities is not a way to reduce the dollar amount you owe. However, it can make payments more flexible and give you more free cash on hand. Here are some ways that you can reduce liabilities:

  • Arrange for longer payment terms with suppliers
  • Secure loan(s) with a lower interest rate
  • Consolidate smaller loans into a larger loan with a manageable monthly payment

In addition to these measures, you may also find it helpful to address credit card issues with a special plan of attack. Credit card consolidation is important because many small business owners rely upon them to make ends meet.

It is relatively easy to negotiate a new interest rate with a credit card company, or to find a credit card issuer that will allow you to transfer a balance to a low (or no) interest rate for a certain period of time. Credit card consolidation can help you reduce your out of pocket expenses significantly in a short amount of time.

How Else Can You Reduce Business Debt?

There are some alternative measures that can help you reduce debt. The most effective way is to manage your expenses and monetary outflow. A large portion of business debt is attributed to overhead supplies. You can reduce overhead by consolidating responsibilities and reducing the workforce, buying supply items in bulk, and changing vendors to get special discounts or extra features. Finally, you can also raise prices for products and services to increase revenue and pay down business debt.

Business debt management is multifaceted, and you can use a combination of the ideas above in order to consolidate debt and get your financials under control. It’s inevitable that you will owe money as a small business owner. The approach you take to managing and reducing that debt will determine whether or not your small business succeeds.

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