Business Lessons in Perseverance

The man who operates a nearby convenience store has taught me so much about dedication. It doesn't matter if I go there at 6 am or 10 pm, he is always there. He's polite, tireless, and always good natured.

I've asked him about the hours he works and he told me that he has a family to feed, a daughter and a son to send to college, and parents he wants to bring to America.

So much of my work and advice is online; it’s easy to forget about the offline world like my convenience store owner friend. The online world is rapidly changing and people could theoretically start a new website for a new business just about every single day (even though that's probably not a good business decisions… still, it's possible). Offline, my convenience store friend smiles and serves customers and sticks to the one thing he does really, really well: providing polite, quick, convenient service. While that's a lesson in itself, I have to admit that the thing I’ve learned from him best is perseverance. He's owned the convenience store for as long as I can remember and by the sound of his plans for his family, he'll need to own it for years to come.

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