Business Plan Workbook PDF: Easy Step-by-Step Planning eBook

This business plan workbook in PDF format takes an innovative approach to writing a business plan that is not only effective, but fun.
business plan workbook pdf

This business plan workbook PDF format takes an innovative approach to writing a business plan that is not only effective, but fun.

Authored by publisher, Raj Khera, who is a 3-time CEO having built and sold multi-million dollar companies, this workbook incorporates proven advice, engaging exercises, and detailed examples to help you craft the business of your dreams.

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What’s Inside the Business Plan Workbook PDF

Aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs can follow the step-by-step process in this business plan workbook to make the task of writing a business plan easier.

This 32-page business plan workbook comes as a PDF eBook that provides proven advice, illustrative examples, and powerful exercises that are geared to help entrepreneurs focus on the core and foundational strategy of their business concepts.

business plan workbook PDF ebook

Business Planning Exercises and Sample Text

You’ll get insightful exercises to define your 1-5-10-20-year plan and create a realistic business plan to achieve what you dream.

Plus, copy/paste fully-written examples of elevator speeches for life coaches, financial advisors, software firms, real estate agents and others that you can morph for your own business.

And since getting customers is the most critical part of any business, you’ll see precisely how to identify your ideal client profile along with a clear example of what a good profile looks like.

The exercises in this workbook strip business planning down to the basics in order to create a simple, yet extremely useful business plan.

From comprehensive questions that help you specifically pinpoint your customer base to strategies on how to stand out from your competition, this PDF eBook helps every entrepreneur translate concepts into reality. Inside this workbook, you will find valuable instructions on how to plan a business.

Download this business plan workbook PDF now and walk through:

  • Setting tangible goals and milestones
  • Creating a powerful elevator speech
  • Precisely defining your target customer base
  • Intelligently understanding your competition
  • Articulately structuring the core of your business plan
  • And much more!

This business plan workbook goes beyond the cold numbers to help any entrepreneur plan a business with his or her life ambitions in mind. You’ll be able to crystallize your vision.

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Business plan writing is no longer a theoretical concept peppered with complicated financial models. Instead, this workbook speaks to entrepreneurs like you who want to plan a business to realize your dreams and fulfill your potential.

Through effective, hands-on exercises, you can instantly practice what you read – which translates into a more engaging, effective business plan writing experience.

After reading this resource, entrepreneurs will be able to plan a business based upon strategic action items that will help you reach your goals. By downloading this business plan workbook, readers will also receive access to free business plan templates, along with a variety of exercises to prepare you to plan a business successfully.

This business plan workbook normally sells for $99, but you can download it instantly right now for $7 (USD). Get it today and start your business plan right away:

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