Special Business Programs for Women, Veterans & Minorities

There is a wealth of funding and resources available for minorities, women and veterans who are in business or want to start a business. Read on to discover what is available and who is providing these valuable programs.

Enterprising women, veterans and minorities have very special options when it comes to funding, training, and assistance. Many nonprofit and for-profit groups have devised special programs to help these groups of people get started on the right foot in the business world.
While the Small Business Association (SBA) continues to drive these important initiatives in business, other organization are also doing their part to support women, veterans and minorities.

Minority Business Programs

The SBA features excellent minority business programs that are transforming business as we know it. It has a special program called HUBZone that helps businesses in rural areas secure high paying government contracts. This program is targeted at increasing revenues in historically underutilized areas.

Another leading minority business programs include the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), which strives to promote the growth of minority-owned businesses across the nation. Both the SBA and MBA specialize in the education and training of business owners who are also minorities. In addition, there are a range of financial resources like grants and loans available through these minority business programs.

Veteran’s Business Programs

The SBA’s Office of Veterans Business Development is the leading source for aspiring entrepreneurs who have served in the armed forces. This office features a comprehensive range of services, from financing and counseling to training and providing research. Veterans are eligible for special financing options that are fully backed by the government and the SBA. There are also a variety of grants available for veterans.

In addition the SBA, the Department of Defense also features an Office of Small Business Programs for veterans. One of the highlights of this office is a first-class mentoring program that pairs inexperienced veterans who want to go into business with more experienced veterans. Veterans business programs provide a sense of camaraderie and support that is unparalleled.

Women’s Business Programs

Women’s business programs are growing in popularity across the nation. The SBA features an entire office that is dedicated to helping women succeed in business. The Office of Women’s Business Ownership oversees the development and implementation of centers for women. These Women’s Business Centers are located throughout the United States. They feature grant funding opportunities and professional resources that are designed to support women in business.

In addition to the SBA, groups like the National Women’s Business Council, the Women-Owned Small Business Program, and WomanOwned.com feature a wide range of additional resources for female entrepreneurs. The majority of the services and resources provided by these groups are free or very low in cost. There are mentoring programs, networking groups, live chat forums and research articles available on just about every site. Women’s business programs are making great strides to support and supplement this burgeoning group of entrepreneurs.

Using the resources and funding from any of the organizations mentioned above is a great step toward prosperity for minorities, women and veterans. These organizations are dedicated to creating equal opportunity and the promise of a brighter future. Don’t pass up an opportunity to take advantage of these and other programs targeted at special groups.

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