Can An Answering Service Make Your Small Business Bigger?

Ever since the answering machine was invented, it has contributed to the stigma of many small businesses looking small and appearing amateur. Thankfully, today’s entrepreneurs can rejoice! With the technology that exists today, small business owners can set up their own virtual professional answering service.

Traditional vs. Virtual Phone Answering Services

Answering systems used by big businesses can save a lot of time and make call routing more efficient. But a standard phone system requires expensive hardware, software, and maintenance costs. These high costs have made the standard internal answering system out of reach for most small business owners.

However, now companies have begun offering virtual phone answering services that do not require all the expensive setup, yet offers all the benefits of the phone systems used by the major corporations. A virtual answering service allows your customers to dial by name, extension, and leave voicemail to specific individuals. Small businesses can use a toll-free number or a local number.

Benefits of a Virtual Answering Service

The advantages of a virtual answering service are many. First, the cost advantage is considerable. Without having to spend a big outlay of capital on a regular answering system, a small business can get all or most of the features found in high-priced answering systems.

In addition, a virtual answering service gives the appearance and the perception that the business operates not as a small business, but just as big and organized as any large corporation. Although there is no reason to deceive your customers or clients that you are bigger than you are, it does, however, avoid the stigma that many small businesses get who use a simple answering machine. Why not appear as professional as possible if it helps business?

The new business of virtual answering service is a growing one – with more than $2.5 billion in revenue. As more and more small businesses find the benefits of virtual answering services, it will likely continue to grow to fit the needs of small business owners like you.

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