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Things to Consider Before Taking a Loan

A personal loan might be a handy option, but most people forget that it is not your money, and you have to return the loan with interest eventually.

Today’s Businesses are Helping Employees in Making Sound Financial Decisions

Here's a look at why businesses are helping their employees in becoming better at personal finance and investments and make sound financial decisions.

The 4-1-1 on Loans and Debt Relief

All debt falls into two categories: secured and unsecured. Depending on the type of debt you have, there are different strategies to get debt relief.

Why More Businesses Are Taking an Interest in 100% Bridging Finance

Bridging finance has become increasingly popular. Here's why it's quickly becoming the flexible funding solution of choice for today’s business.

The Real Deal: Personal Finance Advice That Actually Works

 Of all the topics discussed incessantly online, personal finance has to be near the top. A host of blogs, forums and podcasts aim to...

How to Estimate Your Small Business Start Up Costs

Before starting a small business, consider these 7 start up costs. Some businesses can be started for very little. Others require much more funding.

Simple Financial Tips That Can Change Your Life

Start practicing these simple financial tips to change your financial path without becoming overwhelmed with too much financial noise.

Business Finance Solutions That You May Have Overlooked

Here is an overview of the major business finance solutions and when to use them, including some options you may have overlooked.

Variable Cost Cutting Strategies That Are Proven to Increase Profits

Reducing your variable cost can increase profits. Use these proven cost-cutting strategies to improve your bottom line simply by controlling your variable costs.

Create a Financial Model for Your Annual Income Goals

Learn how to create a financial model that will help you achieve your annual income goals every year. Follow these steps and you'll be done very quickly.