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Blogs. Blogs have been around for while but this is definitely the year of the blog. Businesses are getting in on the blogging scene in a big way; it's not just the domain of technical pundits anymore. If your business doesn't have a blog, maybe it's time to get one. is sometimes billed online as “social networking.” It's a way for someone to post a lot of stuff about themselves so that others can see their interests. Some of the things you can post about yourself include music, favorite pictures, a journal, etc. It seems to be like a blog on steroids. What does this have to do with business? Well, has garnered a lot of news lately about its astronomical growth and popularity. But there's another organization doing something very similar for businesses that I think is going to get bigger, too: is a site that lets you post a page about you and your business. Your customers can leave comments about you and you can refer others to that site. Take the tour here: like this idea and I think it's going to take off soon.

A Yahoo! account is a growing resource for people… it acts as a central online hub to keep your photos, blogs, bookmarks, get financial information. It comes with a Yahoo! email address, a calendar, a place to play games, and a free instant messaging system. Google is quickly advancing to close in on this, but right now Yahoo! is at the top of the pack to provide a central hub for just about everything in your life: it's accessible online (which means you can manage this stuff anywhere in the world). Although there are business-related versions of this, this free version is great for your personal life management.

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