10 Business Owners Share Their COVID Marketing Strategies

Looking for smart COVID marketing strategies? See what these 10 business owners are doing to get customers in the face of the pandemic.
covid marketing strategies

Marketing your business in a Covid world can be tricky. Here are the Covid marketing strategies that 10 business owners are using to generate demand for their companies.

Matthew Schmidt, Diabetes Life Solutions

Matthew Schmidt As we continue to deal with the current Covid 19 environment, we are putting a greater emphasis on targeting our niches through social media. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook etc. allow us to get in front of our target audience, which is anybody with Diabetes. We’re letting them know that we work with clients virtually and everything can be done over the phone/computer.

It’s quite clear that people will still be hesitant doing business face to face for the time being. So being able to advertise electronically, and then being able to do business virtually will continue to be important to most consumers. We’re going to continue to recommend to consumers to work with us virtually on Covid marketing strategies until the Covid crisis is over.

Justin Herring, YEAH! Local

Justin Herring The return on investment for PPC advertisements has risen in several sectors as more individuals spend time at home and on social media. This is a great approach to remind people that your company is still going strong and that you want to be a big part of the ‘new normal.’

Facebook advertisements are quite inexpensive—even for small businesses—and may help you publicize any changes you’ve made to your company or any COVID-19-only discounts or promotions you’re running. Online advertisements have always been compelling, inexpensive, and effectively targeted, but they now provide you the chance to actually expand your organization more than ever before.

You can reach clients based on gender, geography, hobbies, and interests using Facebook’s sophisticated audience targeting features.

Because businesses may not have a large marketing budget to play with, the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) on Facebook advertising has also decreased as a result of the epidemic. This is a fantastic moment to invest in a strong Facebook ad campaign that may help you generate more leads and sales at a low cost.

Advertising messages that are consistent and repeated are most successful. As a result, Facebook retargeting is also a viable option to consider during and after the COVID-19 epidemic. Retargeting allows you to show advertising to individuals who have already interacted with your brand in some way.

Esther Strauss, Stepbystepbusiness

Esther Strauss The key to Covid marketing strategies is to send an empathetic message to the market. Be caring, be kind, and use a “we stand together” message. COVID, as horrible as it is, is an opportunity to build your brand image.

You can brand your company as a positive force in turbulent times, and one that is following all protocols and doing whatever it takes to help. 

This can be done not only in marketing messaging, but in messaging that has nothing to do with your products, but just one that says “our company cares” in some way. 

People are frustrated, scared, and uncertain, so if you can create an image of an empathetic company that consumers can trust, you’ll be making a strong connection with them that can lead to a long term relationship.

David Christian, Foamcore Print

David Christian Many people scaled back their physical marketing budget and instead focused on digital for their Covid marketing strategies.

However, because there were fewer posters, signs, etc. people also lost their ‘ad blindness’ which means the effectiveness of physical advertising methods increased.

We have found that signage has been increasingly helpful and highly recommend signs for any businesses that have store fronts.

Callum Sherwood, C4 Digital Australia

Callum Sherwood Working with clients to figure out how they can pivot into the pandemic. There were many ways to pivot, such as setting up an ecommerce website selling excess stock etc. 

The thing about covid is that it forced businesses to evolve in order to stay in the game, otherwise they will lose out. There were many unicorns that popped up, whole new worlds (metaverse) which have come out of covid too – which open up a whole different level for marketing. 

I think that the end of the pandemic will be very telling in terms of what sticks & what doesn’t. Most people’s habits have changed forever (ex: buying groceries online vs in store). There are lots of opportunities ahead!

Nestor Vazquez, SEO MEXICO

Nestor Vazquez With more people spending time at home and on their phones, the ROI on paid search ads has increased significantly. The key thing here is to make sure that you are not just talking about yourself. You should talk about what you do, how it has changed over time, and why it’s important to your customers now.

It’s also a great opportunity to get some new happy customers. If you can add value, do it!

The key here is to not just sell products or services – but to provide something extra in terms of Covid marketing strategies for your clients.

Facebook ads in particular can be quite affordable even for small businesses and can help you show off any changes you’ve made to your business or COVID-19-specific discounts or promotions you might offer. With Facebook’s granular audience target­ing capabilities, you can reach custome­rs based on gender, location and interests, marital status, profession and the list go on, and you can even reach them where they’re most likely to be found.

The pandemic has lowered the cost per thousand impressions for ads because companies don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising. This is a good opportunity to invest in a good lead generation strategy that can serve as a low-cost way to bring in leads for your business.

Jordan Slover, Neon Ambition

Jordan Slover Digital transformation has been supercharged by the Coronavirus pandemic and more organizations recognize the importance of shoring up their online presence. Tailoring your marketing strategy closely to your niche is vital to succeed in times where everybody has improved their digital skills and recognizes the value of their online presence.

In some industries your content and marketing strategies need to abide by strict guidelines such as the rules and regulations of your state bar and the American Bar Association’s ethical guidelines in the law sector. Specialists in your sector can help ensure your strategies are suitably crafted to be both compliant and engaging with your audience. 

Vital to success in a world where digitization is much more common is having your niche firmly at the heart of your strategy. Tailoring your content directly to your target consumer rather than a coverall, amplified approach is much more likely to generate quality leads.

Patrick Garde, ExaWeb Corporation

Patrick Garde Continue to Invest in Online / Digital Marketing Efforts

With the pandemic, online sales have grown in recent studies. Many companies are taking advantage of selling online.

I believe the focus on digital will be permanent and will continue even post-pandemic. We should have that flexibility to adjust our offerings and pivot to focus on digital opportunities and meet new expectations online.

Don’t Ignore Social Media

You’re also building brand value when you build your social media presence. You are connecting with your customers, and it can also help you retain your current clients.

Social media is an important channel for Covid marketing strategies that allows you to stay engaged with your customers.

We have a client that shows a higher conversion rate on Social Media than Organic Search and Paid Search.

Kartik Ahuja, GrowthScribe

Kartik Ahuja Covid has been incredibly hard on business. While this may seem like a terribly rough situation, it’s important to know that you’re not alone in this.

With the right marketing strategies, businesses have thrived and grown by leaps and bounds.

Here are some of my top tips to help your business thrive in these uncertain times:

Push a part of your business into the online space.

Since the lockdown has made the future uncertain, doing business online somehow makes more sense.

So even if you can’t make all your business stuff go online, make sure you have an online presence at least to some extent. That way your business will remain open even in times of crisis. 

Example — If you receive the majority of your leads through offline networking, switch things up to get leads from the online sphere. 

Join relevant groups, communities, expand your social media reach, and achieve this goal.

Don’t just stick to one source of income.

As your business grows and you start to get a little bit of free time, don’t just sit back. Build more products and services for your audience.

So that during the time of crisis, even if some of your products go down, you will always have other projects to work on.

Shaurya Jain, Attention Always

Shaurya Jain Think about keeping the customers you already have happy

During Covid almost every business struggled with bringing in new clients. That’s why it’s important to keep the focus sharp on people you already have as customers.

You may think of offering refunds on memberships set to prepay if yours is an offline business. This will certainly impact your cash flow in the short term but the money will likely come back with the economy finding even footing once again.

If you have a paid online tool consider offering a toned down free version of the tool to customers who are not able to afford it at the time. You will find customers when better times come for them.

The logic is simple. When times are tough, value your existing customers even more. A loyal customer is likely to spend more money with you and refer more people.

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