Grow Your Small Business with these 7 Simple Marketing Tactics

Marketing a small business can seem like an uphill battle. By implementing these tips and tactics, you’ll be sure to get the ball rolling. 
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Growing your business can be a challenge for every type of company, big or small. With increased competition or rising customer acquisition costs, it seems to be a no-win situation for many small business owners. But there’s still hope! By constructing a well-advised marketing plan, your business can grow exponentially.

In this post, I’ll explore a few methods and tactics you can use to acquire new customers and grow your business. Let’s get started!

1. Get in Touch with Digital Marketing

Marketing has changed in the 21st century. Long gone are the days of newspaper and radio advertising for many local businesses. 

In today’s online world, you have access to millions of people with the touch of a button. 

Whether you’re looking to start a painting business or entice customers to eat at your diner, digital marketing can play a vital role in your business’s operations. 

2. Have a Company Website

Your online presence is key to building trust with potential customers and presenting contact information for your business. When potential customers browse the web in search of a product or service, your online presence is your first impression.

Without a company website, your business might seem dated, or untrustworthy from the potential customers’ prospective. 

You don’t need to have the most robust website to satisfy your customers. A basic website displaying what your business does, its history, the services or products you offer, and basic contact information should do the trick. 

3. Consider Digital Advertising

If you want direct access to new customers, consider using digital advertising to reach them. This can be an effective way to reach the masses without a massive marketing budget. You can better tailor your advertisements to suit your target audience for better conversion rates.

For example, if you’re starting a candle business, by using digital advertising you can reach potential customers in certain age groups and demographics that are more likely to purchase your candles.  

4. Grow Your Social Media Following

There are hundreds of millions of people who use social media on a daily basis. Tap into this audience and grow your social media following to build your online presence and boost your revenue. 

To get started, create your social media profiles on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then you’ll want to craft a content plan and post regularly to keep followers up to date with the latest information regarding your business. 

Your social media followers can become some of your most loyal customers and can easily be monetized. By promoting your services you can easily make $20 fast.

5. Utilize Direct Mail Marking

For certain businesses, traditional marketing methods can still be extremely effective.

For example, if you’re starting a pressure washing business, using print flyers might be a profitable marketing option to help you grow your business.  

Your flyers should include information about the services you offer and easy ways potential customers can contact you. If you need money desperately, direct mail marketing can be one of the most affordable ways to grow your business.

6. Expand Your Sales Efforts

While sales is slightly different than marketing, they go hand in hand. By becoming a better salesman, you can catapult your bottom line and become a more profitable business. 

Sales should be a part of every business. Whether you’re opening a laundromat or starting a lawn care business, sales will play a vital role in growing your business. 

How can you become a better salesman?

It’s all about listening. Listen to your customers’ wants, needs, and struggles to get a strong understanding of what challenges they’re facing. You can then use this information to craft a response that solves their challenges, increasing your chances of closing the deal.

7. Know Your Customers

Marketing costs can be quite expensive. But it doesn’t always have to be. By knowing your customers and appealing to the right audience, you can lower your marketing costs and raise conversions. 

To better understand your customers, you have a few options. You could take a look at your current customers and write down their characteristics. If you don’t currently have a large customer base, you could conduct a survey in which you ask potential customers certain questions to gather more information about them. Your goal is to create a happy customer that will rave about your business.


Growing any business can seem like an uphill battle. But by implementing some of these tips and tactics, you’re sure to get the ball rolling. 

By utilizing digital marketing and social media, you can build trust with potential customers to increase conversion rates. With direct mail marketing, you can quickly and cheaply have access to thousands of potential customers within your region. By improving your sales performance, you can exponentially increase your marketing efficiency to become a more profitable company. 

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