Creative, Cost-Effective Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Due to tightened budgets, many companies will be scaling back their holiday parties or eliminating the annual holiday party altogether. However, your company does not need to become Scrooge this year! You can still celebrate the holidays by being creative with their party planning.

The last two years have proven that cutting the annual company holiday party may save money, but it is not good for employee morale. Businesses are realizing the importance of rewarding employees for jobs well done, and a company holiday party is one simple strategy to recognize employees’ efforts and promote a feeling of community within a company.

If you want to provide a holiday party for your employees but are stuck on budget issues, here are a few great ideas that can help your party get on its feet.

Prepare Your Own Food

Catering is one of the biggest expenses for a holiday party. Instead, why not have the management prepare the food and serve to employees? It will save money, and it gives management a way to show their appreciation toward employees on a personal level.

Another food idea is to have a potluck. Have employees bring their own great recipes to the holiday party. Everyone loves a smorgasbord, and employees get a chance to show off their own fine food preparation.

Forget Dinner – Host a Lunch Party

Rather than hosting an expensive dinner party after company hours, you might consider an extended lunch party for employees. Treat them to a meal at a local fine restaurant. Bring in carolers to provide ambiance. Give out prizes and recognition awards. It’s a great way to save money, and everyone enjoys a little extra time away from work.

Look for Event Space Discounts

With economic factors still down, many event spaces are not getting booked. In response, they are offering deep discounts for meeting rooms, ballrooms, and event space. Look around your area and find a great space where you could save 40% up to 70% off of regular fees.

Your holiday party doesn’t have to be eliminated this year just because of money issues. Keep the spirit alive and use these and other creative ideas to give employees the recognition they deserve.

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