Customer Service Basics

Most of us have faced bad customer service in our shopping experiences. Once anyone faces rude or sloppy behavior, they will never go back to that shop or business establishment, ever. Customer service is one of the most important factors in making a business successful.Here are some basic tips to earn your customers' confidence and to get repeat business from them:

  • Never argue with the customer – Whatever happens, however complicated the issue may be, always keep in mind the basic fact that the customer is always the customer. You may have to walk an extra mile to handle an unhappy customer. If you do so, you will definitely reap the rewards. As everyone knows, word of mouth publicity is the best form of advertising.
  • Professionalism – If your customer is unreasonable, try different ways to make him or her see your point of view – you never know what he/she has gone through during the day. They should always be handled with respect and patience. After all, your customers are the backbone of your business.
  • Time management – Never be late for a scheduled appointment, because the customer's time is precious. Try to leave early and arrive ahead of schedule.
  • Good listener – Customers always want to be heard, so you should always listen to what they have to say, and then give your views.
  • Samples and Discounts – If possible, pamper you customers with discounts and free samples. They appreciate it and will be more likely to visit your business again.
  • Smile – A smile can do wonders in business. It makes for a friendly ambience. Nobody likes to be served by surly people. A smile can sometimes smoothen complicated situations easily. You will also be able to keep your cool if you handle a tough situation with a smile.
  • Keep in touch – Always stay in touch with you customers, even if they are not regulars. Send them postcards and flyers, and always keep them updated with new offers and products.

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