Employee Motivation Tips

Employee Motivation Tips

Contrary to popular belief, most motivation techniques are easy, effective and affordable. Most managers get confused between employee benefits and employee motivation. The fact is that employee benefits are remuneration for their services. You give your employees a pay hike when they have surpassed the deadlines or when you believe that they deserve it.

Although a bonus influences performance positively, it is usually not enough to motivate your employees. Employee motivation emphasizes giving recognition to your employees. Many managers fail to appreciate the skills of their employees simply because they are paid for their skills. However, this can have an adverse effect on employee performance. Unfortunately, most managers have a word with their employees only when something goes wrong. For high level work teams, positive reinforcement is crucial.

Share Good Rapport

It is imperative for you as a manager to share good rapport with your staff. Small gestures like remembering their birthdays, sending them a birthday card and organizing a small party occasionally, goes a long way in building good relationships with employees. If you are planning to send a personalized, hand written card, make sure that the message is short, sincere and meaningful.

Many organizations send e-cards to their employees on their birthdays. E-cards are a smart way of saying ‘You Care' and have other added advantages such as date reminders and auto-send options. When an employee gets attention, recognition, and appreciation from management, they works harder for the organization, thereby boosting team performance. You can also plan a small get-together for special occasions such as Christmas and New Year that will give you an opportunity to shed your professional armor and have fun with your employees.

Remember, when you take the time to appreciate your employees, they will work harder for your business.

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