Laptop Travel Checklist

For international travelers, keep these points in mind in preparing in bringing your laptop

Bringing along your laptop on an international trip? Keep these tips in mind:

– Check your battery — security may want you to turn on the computer.

– Ask for a manual inspection instead of x-ray, to be sure you don’t lose any stored information.

– Register foreign-made laptops with U.S. Customs so you can bring them back into the country without question. U.S.-made laptops should be registered with foreign customs upon arrival.

– Do some research ahead of time as to where repair shops and cyber cafes are — just in case.

As always, remember to keep an eye on your computer. Keep in mind that, depending on the area you are traveling to, a laptop may make you stand out, and thus be a potential target for theft. And don’t forget an electricity converter for foreign wattages.

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