Laptop Travel Security Tips: Traveling Safely With Your Laptop

It is easy to overlook simple precautions when traveling with our laptops- Don't forget these simple tips!

What better way to spend the long hours of a flight than playing computer games or getting ahead on the next big project at work? As tempting as your laptop is to bring on a long business trip, it is equally tempting for thieves to steal.

There are some basic precautions you can take to ensure that your computer will be on the return flight with you. The first, and most important rule is never to let your laptop out of your sight. While you are at the airport — in the bathroom, on the phone, or in the lounge — always keep your computer bag on your shoulder.

Another thing to avoid is traveling with a laptop case that is obviously meant for a laptop. The more generic- looking your computer case is, the safer your computer will be. You can now purchase backpacks with removable computer sleeves, allowing you to comfortably carry your laptop on your back. Upon reaching your destination, simply remove your laptop and you’ll have a day pack to use for other things.

When it comes time to send your computer through the security scanner, wait for the person in front of you to leave the area first. It is common practice for thieves to create a distraction and snatch a laptop when it’s out of its owner’s hands.

The safest way to clear security is to hand your laptop case to the security agents and ask that they check the bag manually. Clear yourself and your other carry-on baggage first. You will usually be asked to turn your computer on so the guards know it’s genuine.

Once you board the plane, don’t let your guard down. Keep your laptop under the seat in front of you. And don’t put your computer in the overhead bin, where it could get damaged or stolen.

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