Create a Home Office! Home Office Remodeling Ideas

Simple equipment and organizing can turn almost any corner of your home into a functional office.

When existing space doesn’t lend itself to a home office, you may be able to transform it into space that does. This transformation can be as simple as using screens, partitions, shuttered folding doors, furniture or wall units. Several companies offer products and services to help you turn what space you have into a useful office.

Decorative screens are attractive, affordable and practical. The Bombay Company has a mail order catalog with many styles and sizes of screens. Smith Corona has an acoustical screen for separating home and office use. There are expandable office screens in three heights, which diffuse glare and can extend up to six feet or fold back when you want the space open.

Modular office systems are designed and sold for home office use. These units include desktop, file drawers, shelves, and space for a computer and printer. Prices from companies such as National Origami range from under $2,500 to upwards of $6,000.

Equipment that serves more than one function is ideal for a home office in a tight corner. Integrated equipment such as a printer/copier/fax/scanner is worth the investment if it leaves you more usable work space.

If you are still finding space tight, you may be able to reorganize the space you have into a more useful work area. There are professional organizers who can help you organize your work space for maximum usefulness. Stacy Chapman, a computer consultant who telecommutes, found that her home office was taking over her one-bedroom apartment. She hired a professional organizer to help her organize her office. Six hours and sixteen trash bags later, she realized she had plenty of space for her home office, she just hadn’t been using it well. Professional organizers can be found through the National Association of Professional Organizers, 3824 Ocean View Blvd., Montrose, CA 91020.

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