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New York City may be home to the best Italian food outside of Italy. Many displaced New Yorkers and other people who love good Italian food cannot get it in their area of the country. Enter, an online Italian specialty store that will delivery Italian goodies such as cheeses, meats, breads and pastas right to your front door. wanted to celebrate its successful fourth year online by rewarding loyal customers. BeOnTheNet, an Internet marketing and consulting firm that works with, encouraged the site to proactively use e-mail to achieve this goal.

The Friday following Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year, e-mailed a letter to its customers thanking them for supporting and offering a link to a page listing specials on’s gift baskets.

The gift basket page was a duplicate of’s existing gift basket page, except that the items were discounted 12 to 15 percent. This special page could only be accessed via the link provided in the e-mail. receive more than 50 orders for gift baskets ranging in price from $75 to $200. They also received requests for custom baskets. One customer purchased 75 baskets at $45 each to give to his employees for Christmas.

It is important to note the timing of the sale, which ended on Dec. 10. All of the merchandise was shipped on Dec. 15 so that it would arrive in time for Christmas. In addition, received and processed the orders well in advance of the hectic holiday season.

This successful endeavor resulted from an e-mail that was constructed in 30 minutes.

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