Women Travel Tips

Should women traveling to business conventions do anything differently than men?

Marjabelle Stewart has written a book titled “Executive Etiquette in the New Workplace.” It has loads of tips for female executives adjusting to the convention circuit. Some excerpts:

– Count to ten. Not only are things likely to go wrong occasionally while traveling, but many people find themselves falling apart over what would be only minor issues at home. An even temper and courtesy make far better impressions than outrage.

– Love your lobby. Women traveling alone should consider booking themselves into a hotel rather than a motel. According to a Wall Street Journal report, much of the crime against women in lodging occurs in bargain-rate motels. An establishment that requires you to exit and enter through a lobby rather than going directly into your room is much safer.

– Take them away from it all. When going to conventions away from home, entertaining an important client/prospect may be necessary. Don’t be daunted by the unfamiliar turf; call the local tourist bureau and ask about interesting local or historical places that might entertain your guests. Your visitor will appreciate a reason to leave the hotel or convention center and experience another part of the city.

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