Data Driven Sales Enablement: Getting Your Team Ready

Data driven sales enablement can help your team sell better in today's competitive environment.  Here's what you need to know for success.
data driven sales enablement

Traditionally, businesses would turn to recruit more hires to boost sales. While that strategy may have worked a while back, it is not as effective today because it would involve a high cost that can hurt your bottom line. Data driven sales enablement can help your team sell better in today’s competitive environment. 

You do not have to hire more to sell more. Incorporating emerging trends in your sales process can help your existing team operate at their optimum. A fast-growing option for many companies is data driven sales enablement. While sales enablement can be helpful in every organization, some signs show an organization is ready for it. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Data Driven Sales Enablement? 

Before delving into indicators of your organization’s need for data driven sales enablement, it is best to know what it is first. Sales enablement is an approach that involves a combination of processes, resources, and technology to help sales teams operate at their best.

There are many sales enablement platforms in the market. However, not all platforms are designed with all users in mind, so you have to be sure your platform of choice will work for you. 

When you use top sales enablement platforms like Bigtincan, your investmen is guaranteed to work for you irrespective of your organization’s size and processes and can be an excellent point to start from.

Signs Your Team Is Sales Enablement Ready

Increased Sales Budget Allocation Doesn’t Produce Results. 

When the sales department is underperforming, the first thing that comes to mind is more budgetary allocation to the sales department for hiring, creating quality content, and training seminars and conferences. 

These approaches might help solve the problem if the underperformance results from a failure in the mentioned areas. 

However, if poor performance is caused by your team’s inefficiency, pumping more funds into the sales department will only result in revenue going down the drain. If this feels like your situation, it could be time to adopt data driven sales enablement.

Sales enablement will ensure that sellers are empowered with the tools and resources to help them convert leads into paying customers.

Your Team Is Spending Much Time on Non-Selling Tasks

If you are hoping to get value from your sales reps, you have to ensure that your teams spend as much time as possible selling tasks like talking to the customer and generating new leads. When starting up, it may be possible to handle a few non-selling tasks without impacting your team’s productivity. 

But as you scale, non-selling tasks can become a big issue resulting in reduced efficiency of your team. One area of focus for sales enablement managers is to eliminate all non-selling tasks from the sales team. 

Depending on the tasks, a sales enablement strategy can either automate repetitive tasks that eat into the sales team’s time or delegate the tasks. 

You Have Rapid Growth Goals

A sales enablement strategy is for everyone from the startup to an already established business. However, many startups may not consider it very useful. But if you are managing a startup and have a well-laid-out strategy for speedy growth, you may need to nail your sales team’s efficiency from the word go. 

Before you think of getting additional hires, sales enablement helps ensure that the existing ones perform at their optimum by empowering. 

Having a sales enablement strategy in place does not mean that you will not have to hire; it only means that you only hire when your current team reaches its optimum productivity. 

Final Words

Change is always hard to accept. But changing times demand a change of approach in how business is done. 

Sometimes the change means embracing new ideas and technology before it’s too late, losing your competitive edge. If any of the above indicators apply to your business, your sales team is data driven sales enablement ready. 

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