5 Ways to Generate Insurance Leads Like a Pro: Top Ideas for Agents

There are plenty of options for getting new life insurance leads. Here are 5 ways that can help you find qualified leads quickly to grow your business.
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The insurance industry lives on sales which directly depend on successful lead generation. That is why agents should take the most of the existing lead sources and discover new ways for creating required connections.

There are plenty of options for getting new life insurance leads. However, you should define the lead generation strategies that bring the most benefits for you and your business. There are many channels agents are usually aware of, but some of that channels are left underused while others are being overused. In this article, we will take a closer look at the best ideas for lead generation and you will be able to define the most suitable ones for your purposes.

1. Purchase Insurance Leads

If you want to get the best life insurance leads fast, take a look at purchasing them from lead generation services. This option provides you access to the database of people who are already interested in life insurance and they are looking for suitable options. Even though there is some skepticism about buying contacts, this strategy remains one of the most effective online lead generation methods. It saves your time for sure, and also it is cheaper than some advertising methods. All you need is to find a reputable and legitimate company that sells leads and then run your campaign. 

2. Use Referral Programs

Regardless of the industry, people are more likely to purchase or order something if that is what “a friend recommended”. So the most obvious way to get new leads is to encourage the existing clients to refer your services to their friends or relatives. Add some incentives like discounts, gift cards, bonus programs, etc. As soon as your clients are satisfied with your products they will be glad to share info about you, especially if they will be rewarded for this.

3. Offline Community Activities

People will never know you unless you do your best to become known. Online marketing is important for sure, but meeting people in person can boost market presence and bring new life insurance leads for agents. Attend business meetups, host seminars, offer yourself as a speaker on relevant events. Build a network by showing your business and service to the community. Also, use old-school tactics like printed ads, cards, and merchandise to hand out so your potential leads and network partners had a material representation of your brand,

4. Online Presence

You should be present online if you want to maintain a steady flow of new leads. The first and the easiest to start is the social media business page. Pay attention to Facebook as there you can network using the marketplace and the thematic groups to remote your business. LinkedIn is great for networking as well. Also, use Instagram and Facebook ads to run a marketing campaign with the right targeting.

Get life insurance leads using your website as well. First of all, you can use Google ads to appear in the search results of people who are looking for insurance options. Secondly, your website can be a source of valuable info about insurance, business, and other topics, which can attract readers and encourage visitors to buy your service.

Also, you can use your website to get listed on business directories and review websites, which is good exposure as well.

5. Enhance Your Lead Generation Results

It is not impossible to become successful with good life insurance leads for agents at your disposal. The wise approach is to design a strategy where you combine the working methods and reject the ones that are less effective or require more effort than bring results. 

But the most important aspect, in any case, is rising brand awareness. No matter how often your ads will be seen by your target audience, they will be interested in your offer as soon as they know you. Many insurance agencies try to humanize their brand to create a connection with their prospects. Be the company that meets the community’s needs and expectations in terms of the insurance sphere. Succeeding in this task you will see the lead generation growth from other channels.

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