What Equipment Do You Need to Be a DJ?

Depending on the type of DJ you want to be, how much you intend to spend, the kind of music you want to make, here are the top DJ equipment considerations.
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It’s perhaps the most important question every aspiring DJ asks along the way:

What kind of DJ equipment will I need to go pro?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s a question with no direct answer. The reason being that it depends on the type of DJ you intend to become, how much you intend to spend, the kind of music you want to make and so on.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s important to avoid the temptation to cut corners on quality to reduce initial costs. Doing so could put you in a difficult position, wherein the quality of your DJ gear holds you back. If costs are an issue, consider an affordable DJ finance solution and choose a repayment plan that suits your budget.

In terms of the actual gear you’ll need to get started, there are various directions you could take things with different setups. Examples of which include the following:

Basic Computer Setup

These days, it’s possible to create, record and showcase incredible music with nothing more than a laptop and a decent software package. Successful pro DJs worldwide often take to the stage with a laptop and nothing else. In which case, you’ll need a decent-quality laptop, a pro-grade software package and good audio interface with at least two inputs/outputs. This is often a popular approach for first-time newcomers to the world of pro DJing.

Computer and Controller Setup

The problem with the basic setup above is the lack of control you have over your music. Or at least, the limited scope you have for controlling the mix. This is where a decent controller can be worth its weight in gold, bringing complete analogue control to your digital DJ setup. A simple USB controller is sufficient to take control of loops, effects, cross-fading, EQ bands and so much more besides. Once you’ve got to grips with a jog wheel, you’ll realise there’s no going back to a basic computer setup. Again, a great choice for aspiring newcomers and an affordable DJ setup to suit most budgets.

Turntable Setup

Some would argue that the classic turntable setup really is the only setup for the serious DJ. If you plan on mastering the art of turntablism, you’ll be needing two turntables, a good quality mixer and the best pair of DJ headphones you can lay your hands on. In return, you’ll be looking at the kind of setup that provides you with the versatility and flexibility you need to pretty much conquer the world. There are still so many pro DJs who prefer these almost completely analogue setups, which provide limitless scope for both creativity and control.  It can also be uniquely satisfying to produce high-quality music with little to no computer intervention whatsoever.

CDJ Setup

If you prefer to go with a CDJ setup, it’s a case of combining the best of all worlds. The creative freedom of a traditional turntable setup, with the added convenience of a digital user interface and often an impressive full-colour LCD screen. CDJ controllers can be more expensive than traditional controllers, but nonetheless provide an all-in-one solution with almost everything you’ll need to get up and running. Paired with a quality pair of headphones, the whole thing is ready to go right out of the box.

Cost Considerations

Once again, it’s important not to allow concerns regarding costs to stand in the way of your progress to pro DJ status. Performance-grade DJ hardware and software can be expensive, but there are specialist DJ finance services available to suit all budgets.

If in doubt, speak to an independent DJ equipment specialist to discuss the gear you need to take you to the next level.

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