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Do You Need to Hire an SEO Expert?

Anyone can learn search engine optimization, but it isn’t as easy to implement as you may think. While SEO basics are simple enough to master, the truth is that SEO is a constantly evolving concept that constitutes professional-grade dedication. You may find some success with your current strategy, but running a full-time business can leave scant time to study new practices and keep your knowledge current.

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An SEO freelancer can help you achieve many different goals through site and content optimization. Beyond rank, these professionals also know how to develop personalized SEO strategies that drive authentic growth over arbitrary numbers. If you’re wondering whether this is the right choice for you, here are some points to consider.

You’re Short on Time

SEO is a time commitment that not every business owner has the ability to make. There’s also a matter of personal interest. It’s fine if you would rather take a hands-off approach to your company’s marketing efforts; you can still be in the loop and fully involved without actually having to devise any of the strategies yourself. Constructing a nuanced repertoire of keywords takes hours of research, and even more time implementing them across different pieces of content.

You may not have the budget or need to bring on a full-time marketer, so working with an SEO freelancer who is available for ongoing consultation and services might be the perfect solution. You can bring an expert on as a one-time consultant, or you may decide to work with them on a routine basis, hiring them for quarterly analyses and optimization plans.

The flexibility of working with a freelancer can match your schedule, abilities and preferences. Aligning your website’s content strategy with your preferences makes management less tedious and can even turn routine upkeep enjoyable.

Your Visitors Aren’t Converting

If your keywords pull high traffic but few conversions, there’s something missing that needs to be addressed. It could be a problem with your website layout or navigation, or your content may rank high but not ultimately deliver what readers want.

Good SEO does more than just grab someone’s attention or link them to your site; it helps guide them through the sales funnel and creates a lasting impression. A professional knows how to put all the moving pieces together and create a streamlined digital experience for potential buyers.

You Get Penalties from Google

If your site has been penalized by Google’s algorithm, you might need an expert’s opinion on how to resolve problems and avoid future mistakes. It’s not uncommon for a site to be penalized, even when they thought they were doing the right thing on the marketing front. But the ever-changing algorithms mean that certain practices that once got praised with a high rank are now causing sites to appear outdated and even poorly optimized by Google’s standards.

Your penalties do not mean your site can’t be recovered. An expert will be able to not only fix what’s gotten you flagged but also rebuild your strategy to a conversion-focused approach. This does away with over-emphasizing keywords and drives growth, expands your reach and helps you grow as both a business and a brand.

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