Don't Lose the Forest for the Trees in Your Small Business

Fiction authors have a daunting task when they begin a new book. Writers may take months and even years to completely write and re-write a story. On the first day of a story, or even on the 12th month, how do they keep themselves on track with continuing a complex plotline, multiple characters, and even a deadline?

One fiction author, Betsy Lerner, has put it in easy metaphorical terms in a memoir-style book, “The Forest For The Trees.” Many writers have taken this metaphor to heart, which means don’t lose sight of the entire forest by focusing on a few trees.

How can this writers’ mantra relate to your business processes and goals? Here are a few tips:

Pull Out Your Master Plan Regularly

Many fiction authors will write an outline or synopsis of the story they plan to compose. This helps them stay on track with their story. Whenever writer’s block may strike, they simply pull out the outline and see where it is they still have to go.

You should do the same regularly. Open your business plan regularly, and be sure your business is staying on track with your goals and targets. Your business plan will ensure your company stays on top of your objectives.

Don’t Be Afraid To Update Your Business Plan

Some writers find that after they begin a story, the originally conceived plotline changes. This can happen in business, too. Don’t be afraid to update your business plan if you find that your company is taking a new direction on elements such as marketing, target customer base, financial projections, etc.

Don’t Get Bogged Down

Writers tend to get bogged down in smaller details in a story and lose focus on the big picture. In essence, they are focusing on a few trees, forgetting that they are trying to navigate a full forest.

Don’t let this happen in your business. You may find that the few small details of daily operations transfers your focus from what your company is really trying to accomplish. Keep the larger goal in mind and remember to do something every day that brings your business closer to goals.

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