DOOH Advertising – Advantages of Digital Out of Home Ads

Here's what you need to know about digital out of home advertising, also known as DOOH advertising, to boost your brand on digital billboards.
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Business promotion in modern times cannot be done without marketing. With the help of digital out of home advertising campaigns, also known as DOOH advertising, you can talk about your product or service, its features and advantages, which will interest the potential audience.

Mass competition in the market of goods and services makes it difficult to find customers, because the variety of products offered is so great that it becomes more and more difficult to attract the audience every year.

The visual beauty of goods and services is no longer a trick and the main criterion for choosing to buy. Customers have begun to look in more detail at a company’s achievements, experience in the marketplace and, of course, reviews. There are many types of advertising, through which you can improve the flow of customers and increase your income.

Advertising can be direct and indirect, which characterizes it in the placement and presentation to the potential client. Direct advertising is the press, radio, Internet, inside the vehicle, advertising in the theater before the movie, outdoor advertising, at the point of sale of products and services. Indirect advertising is point-of-consumption sales, sales of products and services to resellers, direct marketing, and organizing events to attract new consumers. Recently, the digital advertising market has experienced changes, which led to the reduction of advertising platforms, and those who remained are gaining momentum in attracting new customers.

What is DOOH Advertising?

DOOH is outdoor digital advertising. Literally, it’s digital-out-of-home advertising. It is placed in crowded places, namely:

  • cafes, bars, restaurants;
  • subways, minibuses, trolleybuses, cabs;
  • sports fields, stadiums;
  • at transport stops;

Such advertising is characterized by massive placement, sometimes of large size. For example, billboards. Advertising on such screens, digital billboards, is set up with the help of specialists and is similar to online advertising.

Dooh advertising is targeted by geolocation, gender, age, interests. Just a couple of years ago, this type of advertising was considered impractical and unfinished, as ads were made in advance, tied to time, place and scrolled on the billboard one after another, which caused intrusiveness in the population. Now DOOH has become more optimized and autonomous.

There are two formats for placing DOOH ads:

  1. Internal – which means that digital ads are placed in parking lots, subways, shopping malls.
  2. Outdoor – such advertising is placed on digital screens, the street, which allows you to reach the maximum number of potential audiences.

Marketing specialists research in advance the places where DOOH advertising will be most productive.

How Does DOOH Advertising Work

digital out of home advertising DOOH advertising operates using real-time technology and software, where the MAC-addresses of potential users who are close to the advertising structure are scanned.

This type of advertising is designed for the general public, as well as the occasional client, who was attracted by the advertising campaign of the product or service. According to statistics, 50% of the population have purchased a product or service thanks to DOOH, and about 71% of the audience found the right brand through DOOH advertising. Digital outdoor or indoor advertising, unlike other types, is more memorable to the audience and engages more than half of the population in a purchase.

An interesting fact about advertising is with classic ads, people most often either turn them off or complain that they interfere with viewing, so their effectiveness is less than 35%.

Advantages and Disadvantages of DOOH

The advantages of such advertising for manufacturers of goods and small businesses are numerous since it has a lot of opportunities and control over the promotion of their goods in a modern way. A few advantages of DOOH advertising are the following:

  • availability, namely the pricing policy of this advertising is absolutely loyal and affordable to any business;
  • promotion of goods or services in real time;
  • no ad blocking;
  • the ability to regularly monitor the effectiveness of the advertising campaign;
  • suitable for any business;
  • practical conditions of use, which allows you to include advertising or the entire country at the same time, or conduct a small advertising campaign for one day in one place.

Digital advertising is constantly modernizing and evolving, inventing new formats and creating new targeting. The analytics department works on new data, which increases the effectiveness of marketing.

There are only a few disadvantages to DOOH advertising. It is too expensive equipment and software, so this kind of advertising is most often found in large cities.

This type of advertising is the most effective, bright and memorable, which is very important for customers.

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