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Are You Active on Social Media? You Might Be the Target...

Cyber espionage initiated through social media has been around for several years. Most recently, data science firm Cambridge Analytica was in the news for their massive data gathering efforts. Share this article and show your customers how to identify some of these attacks and avoid becoming a victim.

Everything You Need To Know About the Windows 10 Fast Startup...

Fast startup mode is a new hybrid shutdown process for Windows that combines elements of a full shutdown with a “prepare-for-hibernation sequence”. It is not always beneficial. This article will inform your customers how to turn it on or off and when that may be necessary.

6 Important Data Backup Considerations

From client profiles to ongoing R&D projects and sensitive internal communications, digital information is essential to the success of your business. Protecting this critical data is a challenging task that has created additional security and compliance risks for IT teams. Share this article with your prospects to start a dialog on how to help them secure their vital information.

More Than 80% Of Security Breaches Are Caused By Phishing Attacks,...

High-profile security breaches hit almost every major industry in 2017. These incidents act as a reminder that even large corporations are failing to deal with clear deficiencies in their digital practices. Here are some practical tips to help protect your organization from phishing attacks.

Set Up a Virtual Desktop and Enjoy the Benefits of a...

This article offers a brief tutorial on how to use the built-in desktop virtualization in Windows 10. Your customers will learn how to create and manage virtual desktops and work with applications across the desktops.

IT Security Checklist: A Lead Magnet to Start Sales Conversations

The IT Security Checklist is designed to help you start meaningful sales conversations. It's a perfect follow-up to sales calls, meetings, and can be used on your website as a lead magnet to convert visitors into leads.

3 Ways to Convert PDFs into Microsoft Word Documents

Your customers have probably had a need to edit PDF files that they share. Send them this article, which outlines three ways to convert a PDF file into Word format for easy editing. It will remind your customers you are their expert in productivity software and service.

Follow These Important Steps to Set Up Any New Windows 10...

Setting up a new Windows 10 computer properly can improve your client's productivity and security and save them a lot of headaches down the road. Use this article to tell your prospects and customers what they need to know when setting up a new Windows 10 PC. Doing so reminds them that you are their IT expert.

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Slowing PC

Share this helpful computer performance tip to show clients that you are here to help them extend the life of their investments, not just to sell them new equipment. The article offers several methods to make a client's current computer run faster before investing in a new PC.

Credit Card Thieves are Targeting Small Businesses Like Yours

Credit card thieves are no longer just focusing on the large databases of big companies. Use this article to tell your prospects and customers what they need to know to protect their small business from these threats - and to call you for help.