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A Big Upgrade to Wi-Fi Security is Coming

The Wi-Fi Alliance has moved to finalize a new, updated security protocol for Wi-Fi devices called WPA3 to replace the WPA2 standard has been around for over 14 years. Share this article with your customers to alert them of upcoming security enhancements so they can plan their budgets to upgrade.

Why You Need To Stop Using SMS for Two-Factor Authentication

SMS verification works on the principle that only authorized account users have access to their phone number, which is not always true in practice. Vulnerabilities in the phone network and with cell phone companies allow attackers to hijack SMS messages. Share this article with your customers to highlight these dangers so they can protect themselves.

How to Build a Disaster Recovery Plan

As data loss due to data breaches and disasters are on the rise, disaster recovery planning has become even more important for every organization. Share this article with your customers to give them a basic guide for developing a disaster recovery plan that suits their business requirements.

Spammers Are Getting Smarter – Be Careful Not to Fall for...

According to researchers, email has become the prime attack vector for cyber criminals because traditional exploits have become are increasingly ineffective. New spamming techniques, including phone calls, combine to increase the chances of a successful attack. Give your customers insights into these new trends.

How Do I Remove Malware?

Malware, short for ‘Malicious Software’, can infect your computer even when you have anti-malware software installed on it. Share this article to help your customers protect and clean their computers.

Will Your Mac Run Apple’s new MacOS Mojave?

New releases of macOS often are accompanied by a list of hardware that is no longer supported. Alert your customers to the pending release of macOS Mojave and prepare them for possible hardware upgrades to keep up-to-date with the latest software.

Understanding USB-C Incompatibilities

Keep your customers up-to-date with new technology by sharing this article explaining what USB-C is and what makes it special. We also dive into some of the unique features of USB-C and the compatibility issues with the variations manufacturers support.

Introducing MyloBot: A Sophisticated New Botnet That’s Out to Control Your...

In recent years, botnets have emerged as the attack vector of choice for cyber criminals across the world, allowing them to distribute malware, spam emails, and steal sensitive data on an unprecedented scale. Among latest generation of botnets, Mylbot stands out for its sophistication and complexity. Alert your customers about this threat.

Is Microsoft Killing off Windows 7 Early?

Microsoft’s own extended support policy dictates it should continue to offer bug fixes and patches for Windows 7 until January 2020. However, recent developments cast doubts over this commitment, and older systems have already been effectively abandoned. Share this article and encourage your customers to call you to help them upgrade their systems to Windows 10.

Malicious New Google Chrome Extensions Could Be Tracking Your Every Move

Share this article to warn your customers about some new malicious Google Chrome extensions that are using a technique known as "session replay recording" to steal sensitive information. They work by recording mouse movements and keystrokes.