E-Book Marketing Tips and Tricks

What’s one of the best ways to demonstrate your knowledge on a particular topic and make money at the same time? I’ve got the answer — write an E-Book! E-Books, or electronic books, are full books on any topic that can be downloaded from the Internet by your customers. They don’t need to be shipped, are easy to create and can generate good revenue.

There are several ways to market your E-Book:

Online Shopping Search Engine

Make use of the free shopping search engines on the Internet to list your E-book.
Either you or your publisher can submit a data feed. This way your complete product catalog will be included.


Create an opt-in newsletter with a single theme to build a community, and interact with associates, clients, club members and fellow hobbyists. You can sell your E-book in the newsletter.

Sales Page

Make sure that you create an electronic sales page for your E-book; it’s a form of instant advertising, and when finished, customers can download the E-book right from the page!

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs can bring revenue, and they allow other webmasters to advertise and sell your E-book for a portion of the profit, say, 15% of the sales price.

E- Marketing Resources

You can also get help from several websites that specialize in e-marketing services. Additionally, you can obtain access to a directory of marketing sites on the Internet that can help you market your E-book to a wide network of buyers interested in your product or service.

Writing and selling an E-book is a great way to establish yourself as a topic expert and make money at the same time! Another little-known secret of E-books is that there is little to no overhead costs involved, other than the time you spend to create it.