Ecommerce Store Maintenance: 4 Critical Tasks to Attract Customers

Ecommerce store maintenance is essential in attracting a regular stream of new customers. Here's what you need to do to drive more business.
ecommerce store maintenance

Ecommerce store maintenance is an important part of keeping your online presence active as well as attractive to customers. Online businesses often ask themselves “How can I improve my e-commerce store?” An increase in online shopping is giving a boost to the e-commerce market and attracting new customers is the main goal of any online web store.

There are many e-commerce strategies you can use to strengthen the brand online. Still, choosing which strategies work best for your business gets challenging, especially with the ever-growing competition around the e-commerce business market.

Essential Activities for Ecommerce Store Maintenance

So, the question is: What ecommerce store maintenance tasks can you do to attract more customers to your online web stores? Attracting new customers sounds intimidating, but it is not; it is easier than you think. In addition, today, we’ll help you with just that. Below are the most effective steps that can help you tremendously. So, let’s get started!

1. Create an Attractive Website

Make sure your website is appealing as it is the first thing a customer sees when they click on that link or ad. You must spend a little and hire a web developer so that he/she can create a website using proper means, and think of it as an investment because you will get its rewards in the future.

Your website should be easy to navigate and come with mobile-friendly themes. Make sure shopping on your website provides a high-performance search experience and a user-friendly shopping experience for your customers.

2. Create Eye-Catching Product and Branding Photos

One of the best ways to turn potential buyers into definite customers is with clear and attractive product photos. Here are a few points to consider before starting with your product photography.

  • Capture the product with only white or black background
  • Never use flash with product photography; rather, use artificial diffused lights, which will also help prevent shadows of the surroundings onto the product.
  • Use a tripod to get crisp photos; avoid blurry or out of focus pictures
  • Take pictures from multiple angles; it will help the consumer understand how the product looks
  • Always use high-resolution photos; that way, the image will not pixelate and lose its quality. Instead, it will retain its quality and crispness

Another important step is to show your product in real-time. This way, customers can visualize themselves using that product. A great example of this is MoisaniteCo. They have created a clean and chic website with visuals of products being worn. Ultimately, this will make your customers come again and again to shop from your web store.

Another no-no is to use stock photos from sites like for your ecommerce store. While stock photos are fine for other types of websites, they are not a good fit for storefronts selling products.

3. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Of all the ecommerce store maintenance tasks you can do, SEO or search engine optimization, is the most important in terms of attracting new visitors.

SEO is a term used to describe rankings in your search results based on keywords related to your business. There are two types of SEO- On-page SEO and OFF-Page SEO.

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SEO is one of the very important techniques to increase your visibility on search engines. Hire an SEO coach who can induce the proper ways to get traffic to your website. Moreover, the best website keywords will get your ecommerce store on the first page of the search results.

This activity needs to be part of your regular ecommerce store maintenance routine because Google is constantly updating their ranking algorithm.

4. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are reviews of your existing customers that can be featured everywhere. Getting testimonials is pretty easy; you only have to ask your customer to write a few positive sentences about the product and their experience with the brand.

An honest recommendation from a customer is a very important part of ecommerce store maintenance. In fact, if you only have 5-star reviews, customers get suspicious because it does not feel authentic.

You can dedicate a section for the testimonials on the front page of your website. When searchers read such testimonials, especially if they feature an emotion or a story from a genuine customer, they are likely to be convinced to purchase your product.

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