Starting a Part Time Event Planning Business

Put your organizational and creative thinking skills to the test. Working as a part time event planner is a great option for people with creative energy to make extra money at home.
event planning business

If you are looking for a creative business idea to make extra money, then look no further because you can start a part time event planning business. Busy people from all walks of life need to plan events like weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and retirement parties. Planning such an event takes time, organization skills and creativity. If you have all of these characteristics, plus a little energy and enthusiasm, then it will be easy for you to work at home as a part time event planner.

The Event Planning Business

As a part time event planner, you will work one-on-one with individuals or families who want to celebrate a special occasion. Event planning is a creative business idea that you can organize right from your own phone. With a phone and computer, you can make reservations, set-up appointments with caterers, organize fast deliveries of flower arrangements from reliable suppliers and have chairs or tables set up.

Throwing a great party is no problem when you develop business relationships in advance with DJs or other types of entertainers. If you take care of the decorating, setup and cleanup yourself, you can make even more extra money. An event planning business is a creative idea that will be challenging and fun at the same time.

Skills Required: creative thinking, decorating, organization and time management skills

Organizing an event takes a variety of skills, from the ability to develop creative event themes to organizing paperwork and setting appointments. You will need to do some research and partner with catering companies, party supply companies and different venues like churches or town halls in your local area. In addition, you will need excellent time management skills so that you can execute an event on time with all the trimmings.

Startup Expenses: $100

The startup expenses for this creative business idea are minimal. Most of the costs associated will come from marketing and advertising. You will need to spread the word about your event planning business through print ads and word of mouth. Since you can work at home as a part time event planner, you might need to purchase some basic office supplies and a personal organizer to keep you on track.

Monthly Revenues: $500-$1000 per month

There are several different ways that you can charge clients for your services as a part time event planner. It is possible to charge clients by the hour for a small-scale event or one that requires a great deal of flexibility and creative thinking. You can also develop flat fees for standard events like birthday or graduation parties.

Monthly Expenses: $50

Monthly expenses for an event planning business are very minimal. The customers should be covering the cost of facility rental, decorations, food and other supplies. All that is left to keep up a solid advertising campaign so that you can keep new customers coming to you.

Time to Break Even: 2 months

Within two months, you should be able to successfully plan and execute 2-4 events in your area. The earnings from 2-4 events will generate more than enough extra money to break even.

Working as a part time event planner is a creative business idea that will strengthen your marketing, organizational and time management skills. You can work at home planning fun events year-round. From New Year’s to Christmas, birthdays to retirement parties, this is a fast and fun way to make extra money.

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