Expert Recognition: Great Ways to Get It

Every small business owner wants to stand out in his or her field of work. If you have not become an expert in a particular line of business or service, then the time to act is now. This will require acquiring additional or new knowledge from experts in your field.

After getting more knowledge in your field, it takes diligent practice, hard work and learned experiences until you become an expert.

Once you do acquire that expertise, then it is time to let your customers know that you can solve their problems. This can be done in many ways.


You can start advertising. Stress that you are an expert in your particular field of business. As you start getting customers for those particular jobs, word-of-mouth publicity will soon ensure that you get – and keep! – a steady flow of customers.

You can also advertise on the Internet using banner ads or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. You can also create your own website with your expert range of services mentioned.

You will have to prove to your customers that you possess the expert knowledge required to provide them with quality products and services.

Write Articles on Your Subject of Expertise

Write articles on your subject of expertise in some local magazines or newspapers to begin with. Try to convince the editors to make your articles a regular feature in their publications. You can take the same approach with Ezines (online magazines). They often have a large readership base.

If you have the time and can afford it, then write a book. But marketing a book will be a different ballgame altogether. Writing and getting a book published will greatly enhance your reputation as an expert in that field.

Nowadays, you can even publish a book on the Internet.

Join a Similar Group or Association

Become a member of a group – or better still, an association, which will open your mind and give you greater exposure as to what others are doing in similar fields. You can also print this information on your brochures and letterhead to enhance your image.

Public Speaking

Once you have the confidence, you can then address people at functions that are organized within your field of expertise. This can give you immense publicity – and if it is handled well, will promote you as a guru in that field.

When you are speaking in front of a group, arrange to have yourself taped – then you can market videos or DVD’s of your speeches.

Promote Yourself as an Expert

Self-promotion is good promotion. Promote yourself as an expert and slowly others will also start recognizing you as one. The right way to do this is to answer all of your customers’ questions in a professional manner and solve their problems in a practical way.

Maintain and Increase Your Expertise

Just becoming an expert is only one part of the story. Once you get this status, then it’s time to continue and extend that expertise. In this constantly changing business world, it is essential to keep acquiring new skills in addition to your old ones to be recognized as an expert.

So, becoming an expert requires hard work – but getting recognized as one requires some degree of marketing effort as well. Even if you are already an expert, you still have to wait for others to realize and state that fact. Trying out some of the above tips will get you that recognition faster.

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