6 Innovative Seasonal Promotions for the Fall

The leaves are about to start changing – and so should your promotional techniques for the fall! Explore creative fall promotional ideas for you small business to jumpstart your journey to holiday sales.

Autumn is descending upon us, and we are turning our eyes to back to school, football, and the holiday season. As we ramp up to the holiday season, fall is the perfect time to begin jumpstarting your bottom line. Here are some helpful ideas to make sure you are putting your best foot forward in seasonal promotions designed to assist in getting your market share.

Affordable Advertising for Fall

Seasonal promotions give your company exposure, informative people about your business and planting the seed for their holiday dollars. An imaginative fall promotions advertising campaign will pay big dividends to your success during the busy season.

  • Advertising Cooperative:

    Finding other small uncompetitive businesses in your area to share costs and ideas can work wonders for fall promotions. For example, you may all jointly create a flyer representing each member. This flyer can be tucked into the shopping bag of each business, spreading the word about the entire cooperative.

  • Trick or Treat:

    Pass out business cards and flyers to kids for Halloween along with candy. This fall promotion idea will help to get you in the mood for the holiday and benefit your business as well.

  • Sponsoring Fall:

    Is there a fall festival in your city? Perhaps all the families like to head out to the orchards to enjoy apple cider or join together for pumpkin carving. Consider promoting your business at a fall festival. You can give away inexpensive items or even sell some of your fall-related goods to spread the word about your business.

Festive Giveaway Items

Many people hate the idea of advertising, but everybody loves free stuff, especially if it is somewhat useful. An effective fall promotions strategy should definitely include giveaway items, if possible.

  • USB storage devices:

    A USB device is an excellent seasonal promotion idea for back to school. Get your business logo stamped on the cheaper models and give them out to students who are sure to love this freebie. The best part is that people will actually use this freebie, making it a fantastic choice for a fall promotion.

  • Stadium Seats:

    Two things make stadium seats a winner as a seasonal promotion idea: crowds and football. Have them made with your logo and contact information and pass them out at tailgates before the games. The large number of people and practicality of the item will make sure you go home empty handed every time.

  • Travel Mugs:

    As the temperature takes a dip, you can cash in on travel mugs, a timely fall promotions idea. Pass them out at football games, offices, or coffee shops. Travel mugs are a wonderful way to execute seasonal promotions since this daily use item is bound to generate the desired exposure.

Make sure to capitalize on some of these fall promotions ideas this season. Many can be expanded upon, or you might even have your own brilliant seasonal promotions idea in mind. Either way, you should make sure your strategy is in place and on time this year to generate the type of exposure you desire. Fall promotions are an incredibly important tool for achieving your sales potential this year.

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