Good Internet Press Releases: Guidelines for Internet Press Releases

Almost everyone is familiar with the regular press release, but the latest marketing tool available for small businesses is the Internet press release.

Companies of all sizes can use Internet press releases, and they are one of the most cost-effective ways to get the news out about a small business.

There are plenty of advantages to using an Internet press release as opposed to using one that is printed.

Advantages of Internet Press Releases

  • When a press release is on the Internet, the reader is going to be able to click right on the link. It takes no time at all for them to be able to read the information about your small business.

    This is a big contrast to a conventional press release, which requires people to write down the important information that they hear or read.

  • Unlike a regular press release, there is no limit to the lifespan of the Internet press release.

    Even though most of the traffic is going to come within a week of the Internet press release being posted, people can find it for years after they post the original press release.

  • Unlike regular press releases, there is no limit to the number of people who are going to see an Internet press release.

    When you put a press release in print, you know that it’s usually only going to be seen in your general area. But when your press release is on the Internet, it can be viewed and read by people across the country or around the world.

  • Whereas a normal press release can cost you $2,000 or more and reach only a select number of people, putting your press release on the Internet is going to cost a lot less – and allow you to reach a larger number of people.

    Guidelines for Internet Press Releases:

  • The first thing that a good Internet press release is going to need is the ability to stand out in a crowd.

    There are a lot of press releases on the Internet, and everyone wants their press release to be seen. So it should be eye catching and attractive.

  • Make sure that it’s going to be something that will pique the interest of the audience.

    If the topic seems dull, people aren’t going to take the time out from their busy schedule to read it.

  • People love knowing that they are appreciated, so think about putting something in the press release that rewards people for reading it, like a coupon code to get a discount on your services or your products.

  • The sales portion of a good Internet press release needs to stand out so that people see them.

    However, don’t make your sales pitch aggressive, or it will turn people off. Offer them a link to the company website to cut down on clutter.

A good Internet press release is a great marketing tool for any business, but especially for small businesses.

Internet press releases are cost-effective and they reach a great number of people, which are two qualities that are a great help to any business. Use the guidelines for Internet press releases to create a marketing tool that any business can use.

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