Hands Free Phones: Must-Have Gadget/Equipment

Many entrepreneurs spend a good portion of their day on the phones… it seems like we've all reverted to being teenagers again! Although this time, instead of talking about the person we like or the party on the weekend, we're making deals and building our customer base.

Being on the phone that much is good for business, but not so good on your phone-holding arm or your ear. And if you're like me and you have to scrawl notes to yourself while you're talking, the “shoulder-holding” method isn't that effective.

Enter the hands-free phone. You need two.

Get a hands-free cell phone. That way, you'll keep both hands on the wheel while you're driving. And, when you're sitting around waiting, you can make your phone deals while thumbing notes into your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

Get a hands-free desk phone. There are a couple different kinds: the conference call phone is good for when you have several people in the room, but it can be hard to hold a conversation on a conference call phone. If you don't have to make sure that 10 people are listening in on your call, consider getting a desk phone that has a headset. This will let you do the typing or writing you need to do while you're talking on the phone.

Who knows, you may spend more time on the phone!

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