Hire a Young Person – and Get Paid for It!

Every penny counts in a small business, from the money spent on inventory to office supplies and especially the funds set aside for payroll. Now is the time to start looking for ways to reduce overhead while still preserving the integrity of your small business. New government initiatives aimed at helping small business survive have come up with a creative incentive program. Now you can enjoy financial rewards for hiring young employees to work for your small business!

Young adults aged 14-19 have a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to offer in the workplace. There are several different programs that reimburse employers as much as $2.00 of a young employee’s hourly wage. These programs feature some great opportunities for small business owners to enjoy the following benefits:

Overhead Reduction

The extra funds from government-sponsored employment programs can help you reduce overhead at your small business. While these programs are often restricted by time limits, they might provide that extra savings that you need to get ahead.

Community Development

An investment in a young person is like an investment in your community. You can help aspiring young professionals learn workplace skills, leadership skills, and provide an opportunity for them to demonstrate responsibility and initiative. All of these skills and attributes are critical for young people who want to continue onto higher education. You also might find promising new talent when hiring young people. They could potentially stay with your small business for many years to come.

Building Relationships

By participating in government-sponsored programs geared toward helping small businesses and young people, you can build meaningful relationships with other organization in your community. This might include other small businesses who are participating in the program or local and state officials who are documenting progress of these government-sponsored initiatives. Building relationships with diverse populations of people in the community is one way you can enhance your presence, influence and consumer base in your community.

Hiring a young person features many benefits for employees, employers and entire communities. Be on the lookout for government sponsored programs in your area that capitalize on the resources of young people to take your business to the next level.

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