Santa Claus is Coming to Your Blog

Are you using your company blog to increase holiday sales? Learn about how you can bring more Santa-inspired sales to your website through your blog.

How can you promote your holiday sales for free and still reach a wide and targeted customer base? Through your company blog! If you have previously taken advice to start a blog and acquire readers and subscribers, then you already have a loyal customer market to whom you can offer great holiday sales promotions.

Remember, a blog is one of the essential elements to search engine optimization (SEO) as well. The more frequently you update your company blog with helpful and insightful articles that are rich in keywords, the more likely your blog will get noticed by search engine “bots” that may place your website in a high ranking.

With this in mind, your holiday sales strategy through blogging may also attract new customers who are searching for your products and services.

Promote Holiday Sales

One way to help your holiday sales is to update your company blog with specific sales information. You might post about clearance items on sale as the holiday season winds down. Or perhaps you will be holding a final holiday weekend sale. Even specific products that you are promoting can be posted in a blog.

Your blog posts should be brief and offer the benefits of the sale items, or provide information on where the reader can take advantage of your sale. Be sure to give that call-to-action to encourage readers to buy soon.

Give Special Deals to Readers

Your blog readership is a loyal group. Reward them for their loyalty. You might offer a special deal for blog subscribers only where they can redeem a blog “coupon” for an additional percent discount. Or even offer a free gift when they come to your store to make a purchase of a certain dollar amount.

Post Gift Ideas

Your blog is a good place to promote your sales, but it is also a place to offer readers ideas for gifts as well. You might write a few posts on great gifts for women, men, children, spouses, parents, etc. And, of course, your gift ideas are all available at your business.

Provide Other Helpful Holiday Advice and Tips

In addition to promoting sales, coupons, and gift ideas, you can also write blog posts that simply offer readers helpful advice or tips. You might write a post on creative holiday decorations or perhaps share a delicious recipe. You could publish a helpful blog post that informs readers how they can survive the holidays on a budget.

The additional information you provide on your blog can work to your benefit. It lets readers know that you are not constantly posting about sales only, but that you have great advice that will bring visitors back again and again. Better yet, your blog gives your company a personal touch, which deepens year-round customer loyalty.

Your blog is a great holiday sales marketing tool. Take advantage of your readership and the SEO qualities of your blog to get the word out about your holiday sales offerings, and increase your bottom line before the holiday sales season is over.

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